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Paula - History of Eyeglasses

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on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Paula - History of Eyeglasses

History of Eyeglasses
By: Paula
Grade: 4
Month: March 2014
Teacher: Ms. Voss
Monocles were the first step in the history of eyeglasses. These were 2 crystal stones with a frame that was held up to the eyes with a handle. People used them because it helped them see things better. The impact was that it helped the elder with blurry eyesight because of age. It was also a well known reading aid. Monocles were a good first step in the history of eyeglasses that led into others.
Nose Pinchers
There was a change from monocles to nose pinchers. This happened because monocles fell off the nose when the person let go of the handle. This was very uncomfortable for anyone. Nose pinchers were glasses that pinched the nose. The good thing was that they stayed on your nose. Nose pinchers helped people all around the world.

Ear Resting Eyeglasses
Nose pinchers were left in the past and ear resting eyeglasses filled in the role. This change in the history happened because nose pinchers hurt. Ear resting eyeglasses were literally the name. Eye glasses that rested on your ears. People made them,and this creation made your nose feel comfortable and at home. Ear resting eyeglasses were a helpful change in the history of eyeglasses.
Polycarbonate Eyeglasses
There was a change in the the history of eyeglasses: ear resting eyeglasses to polycarbonate eyeglasses. This new invention was made because ear resting eyeglasses were way to heavy for our fragile heads. The weight of the ear resting eyeglasses was very uncomfortable and caused headaches. That is one of the reasons humans made polycarbonate glasses, but there are many more. The polycarbonate eyeglasses are glasses with clear windows with frames made out of plastic or glass. The polycarbonate glasses were lighter. Polycarbonate eyeglasses were a good step in the history of eyeglasses.
Modern Glasses
In the modern times,people now use what is called modern glasses. Modern glasses were made because the frames of the polycarbonate glasses were too heavy. Modern eyeglasses are made out of clear windows made out of very-hard-to-break glass, and light frames made out of plastic or light metal. The advantages of the modern glasses are no more headaches, or pains in the haed.Elder found it much easier to use. people say this is the "last" step in the history of eyeglasses, but none know what's coming up next!

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