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Writers to Directors

No description

Tim Clague

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Writers to Directors

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tips Writers becoming Directors Visuals 1. You have a "director's vision" already

2. Visual grammar

3. The writer's disease Storyboarding
Crossing the line
Close then wide
Coverage 4. Know the production stages

5. Shooting / editing cycle

6. Editing is the final script draft Stages Script
Director's planning
Casting / rehearsal
Pick ups
Sound mix / Colour
Delivery What kind of lighting
How much background sound
Foley style sound?
What are people wearing?
Colours in the scene - meaning
Acting - too much?
Angles 7. Casting - what can actor's bring? (are they scary?)

8. Sound - the forgotten art

9. Letting go Working as a team 10. Forget all that and just do it. Small. tim clague &
danny stack ukscriptwriters podcast
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