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ELL Website Guide for Parents

No description

Jennifer Kenney

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of ELL Website Guide for Parents

Website Guide for Parents of ELL Students Jennifer Kenney
Noell Wiora
Donna Runion
Hertz Dezir

Saint Xavier University
Literacy Issues for
Curriculum Leaders Websites That
Assist Parents
Instituting School Change TEACHING TOLERANCE
A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center While intended for educators, parents could utilize the information on the site to help lead changes in the school's policies, programs and overall understanding of ELL. Available resources on site
Tolerance Magazine
Professional Development
Student Activities
Learning Kits Written in English
Intended for all languages
Won Oscars, an Emmy and over 20 other awards Website Notes Parents:
Use this website to promote tolerance in the classroom, by finding policies and practices that can aid your district in implementing change (change in program, attitudes, school climate, etc.) that would benefit your child. National Clearinghouse for
English Language Acquisition
and Language Instruction
Educational Programs http://www.ncela.gwu.edu/ This website is intended for professional use, but parents can find it useful for finding resources that would aid their child in learning English. Visit the resource library to
find valuable information for assisting your child both in and out of school. Funded by the Office of English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement and Academic Achievement for Limited English Proficient Students of the U.S. Department of Education Utilize website to... find grants and funding for your child's school and their ELL program promote professional development for the school's teachers and administration Additional website to promote ELL programs in your school district include... Teaching Diverse Learners http://www.alliance.brown.edu/tdl/index.shtml for schools to build a strong ELL curriculum and program
designed as a resource for ELL teachers utilizing a literacy program
provides schools with teaching and learning strategies in the ELL environment National Association for Bilingual Learners http://www.nabe.org/ promotes strong ELL programs in schools through promotion of educational policies
holds conferences for the advancement of programs and training of educators and parents
defends anti-bilingual actions Sites for Parents to Aid in Child Language Acquisition Utilize these sites for additional English practice, reinforcement of literacy skills, as guides for student learning and for additional resources to aid your child. A wealth of resources, in English and Spanish, for children, parents and schools to aid in the development of English acquisition and use. http://www.colorincolorado.org/ Use for... tips to assist your child in learning English
bridging the gap between parents and schools
the list of great books and authors to utilize at home while learning English
webcasts that provide as useful resources for students, parents and schools that are a part of an ELL program Uses best practices and research-based methods to promote the literacy needs of English Language Learners Additional Information articles for Parent Outreach practice activity links videos and podcasts bi-monthly newsletters library of ELL articles articles for Parent Outreach http://www.elcivics.com/ Website to assist students in learning geography, culture and American history. to aid your child in learning about American history, culture and geography
ESL games and lessons for students
worksheets for geography
games for holidays
visual learning for various topics including life skills and state lessons Use for... Uses visual, audio and written lessons to promote student understanding of history, culture and geography for the ELL/ESL students. photo world tours PowerPoint lessons life skills activities food lessons English videos Additional Information http://www.cal.org/ Offers training, research and projects on bilingual education. finding and recommending resources for schools
research regarding ELL
publications and work on ELL
promoting professional development for educators Parent use for... www.tolerance.org The Internet TESL Journal
for Teachers of English as a Second Language http://iteslj.org/ Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links for TESL Use for... bilingual quizzes for 50 different languages
additional resources for your bilingual learner
grammar practice
conversation starters for classroom and home
articles to connect school and home learning opportunities Hundreds of links to resources, including websites, lessons and other materials to assist your child in learning English at home and in the classroom. acronym list for understanding internet basics for students games, games and more games jokes, riddles and puns Additional information Don't forget to visit the "links" tab for hundreds of more links for students and teachers.
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