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Moving Toward Secession (Ch 11)

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Jessica Abshire

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of Moving Toward Secession (Ch 11)

Moving Toward Secession
The US might have slit apart earlier then it did had it not been for the work of compromises.

What compromises helped "keep the peace"?
Missouri Compromise
Compromise of 1850
Kansas-Nebraska Act

Election of 1860
(Northern) Democrat
Slavery Decision: Popular Sovereignty
Stephen A. Douglas
John Breckinridge
(Southern) Democrat
Slavery Decision: Have slaves in new territories
Abraham Lincoln
Slavery Decision: Opposed spread of slavery
John Bell
Constitutional Union Party
Slavery Decision:
(Only wanted to keep Union together)
Response to the Election.....
Southerners turned their threat of secession into reality......

South Carolina
voted to secede on Dec. 20, 1860.
, &
followed in Jan. 1861.
joined the other six in Feb. 1861.
Confederate States of America

Virginia Moves Toward Secession
Both the North & South wanted the support of Virginia.

General Assembly agreed to have an election - majority favored remaining in the Union.

However, other events pushed Virginia out of the Union.
Battle of Fort Sumter
Charleston, SC
SC refused to allow fort to remain in Union hands
Lincoln could not withdraw - recognize the sovereignty of a seceded state
Battle of Fort Sumter
Lincoln sent reinforcements to the fort - SC fired on the fort
Civil War began on April 12, 1861
Lincoln asked loyal states to supply troops to put down southern rebellion - VA Governor refused
Virginia Moves Towards Secession
April 17 - Virginia passed an Ordinance of Secession

Opposition to Secession
First Wheeling Convention - agreed that, if the states voted for secession, delegates would meet for a second convention

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