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Defining and Refining Your Instrument

No description

Ben Smith

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of Defining and Refining Your Instrument

Defining and Refining
Expressive Affordances
The New
Then Decide
1. No Stupid Ideas
2. No Judging
3. Combine and Build
4. Quantity!!
1. Awesomeness
3. Practicality, Execution
2. Originality
4. Difficulty
What could the player DO?
What actions could they take?
How do they interact with your instrument?
How do they play it?
Emergent uses?
(i.e. hammer used as an instrument)
How could you provide even
more expressivity?
What is "more expressive"
vs. "less expressive"?
Most expressive?
Least expressive?
Too much of a good thing...?
Is their an optimal level?
Think about...
What do you need to make this work?
What would be ideal?
Do different options have implications,
other affordances?
What do you have/can acquire?
What is practical?
What do you NOT need?
What do you know how to use already?
Take each of 4 topic angles and
How is your instrument original?
What parts do you have to
What will it sound like?
What are the musical affordances?
What's the musical-expressive range?
How many genres can it be used in?
What are the primary musical strengths?
Is it a more like a flute (single line) or organ (everything!)?
The Rules:
Dynamic fluidity?
Percussive playing?
Pitch modulation?
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