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World After Rome

No description

matt ..

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of World After Rome

Islam started with
Muhammad from Mecca Belive in one god Had holy book called Quran Islam spread through Africa,
Asia, and some of Europe because of weak Byzantine and Persian empires Muhammad born around 570 ce ISLAM but died around 632 ce Islam split into Sunni and Shiite Islam spreads with trade spoke arabic language Isalm spreads all the way past Spain
but they lose at battle of Tours Come out with arabic number and letters Studied algebra, medicine, geography They took over the holy city Jerusalem, Damascus, and Baghdad Western Europe Crusades caused the war in Jeruslam Black Death comes to Europe because of trade During the Crusades nobles ran manors Barbarians invaded west Europe and forced Rome to move east The western churh provided some organization to the chaos The feudal system was run by kings and it provided protection for them and wealth
for others Like the Angle-Saxons, Magyars and the Vikings The Byzantine Empire Emperor Constantine moved the capital of Rome to Byzantium Constantine renamed Byzantium to Constantinople Constantinople was easily defendable because it was on a penninsula. The Byzantine empire preserved greco-roman culture because it was the heir to Rome Emperor Justinnian ruled from 527-565 Justinian built the Hagia Sophia He also reconquered the west of Rome and created the Justinians Code The Greek Orthidox church placed the seat of the church in Byzantium they also worshipped icons witch were religous mosaics, also they did not worship the pope. These differences caused the schism in the church.
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