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Proclamation of 1763

No description

Hannah Rambo

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Proclamation of 1763

April 19, 1775
Sugar Act
Proclamation of 1763
Currency Act

Quartering Act
Sons and Daughters of Liberty
Townshend Acts
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party
Tea Act
Intolerable Acts
First Continental Congress
Lexington and Concord
Bunker Hill
Second Continental Congress
What Led to the American Revolution?
June 16, 1775
-British marched troops up the hill at the Americans
-1,054 out of 2,300 British killed
-The British ended up taking over
October 7, 1763
-Happened after the end of the French-Indian war
-The British issued the proclamation to keep settlers off indian lands
-Gave Britain economic benefits
April 5, 1764
-Britain placed a taxes on important goods
-Forcing colonists to sell to them
-Money for debt
-Boycotting goods
November 5, 1765
-tax on colonists for printed paper use
-money collected for American frontier
-government was unfair
March 24, 1765
-citizens provide accommodations for British soldiers
-caused tension between colonies and England
August 17, 1766
-Organization of American Patriots
-Protect rights of colonists
-Boston tea party
-existed in every colony
June 15 - July 2 1767
-Taxes on glass, paper, tea, etc.
-1770 parliament repealed taxes except tea
-Truce until burning of Gaspee
March 5, 1770
-street fight
-mob of patriots and british soldiers
-50 citizens attack British sentinel
-several colonists killed

December 6, 1773
-patriots from Massachusetts protested
-threw 342 chests of tea into harbor
-protested the Tea Act
September 1, 1764
-reduce British debt
-control colonies and use of paper money
-"taxation without representation"
March 18, 1774
-British passed laws
-closed the harbor until colonists paid for tea
September 5 1774, until October 26, 1774
-caused by intolerable acts
-Samuel Adams, John Adams, George Washington, Patrick Henry
-cut off trade with Britain
-Britain got rid of intolerable acts
-citizens training for war

May 10, 1776
-Independence Hall
-President John Hancock
-65 delegates
-break away from Britain
-formed army
-George Washington

May 10, 1773
-final spark to revolutionary war
-help east India sell tea
-sell at bargain price to colonies
-undercut business of local merchants
-cargo ships full of tea in harbor
-led to Boston Tea Party
-Lexington to capture Sam Adams and John Hancock
-Spies found out
-Concord to get gunpowder
-7 Americans
-73, 174, 26 British
-Americans started recruiting

Stamp Act
The End
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