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All about Me survey!

No description

Takeo Nang

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of All about Me survey!

All about ME!
It is Gatorade because I am a athlete.I play soccer, I swim and I do Gymnastics.
My ingredient is Ramen because I am very flexible. I could put my legs behind my head and could do the splits.
My ingredient is popcorn because popcorn pops with energy and whenever I am excited I am full with energy. When I scored a goal in a soccer game I was full with a lot of energy.
Hot Coco
My next ingredient is Hot CoCo because I like Winter. I make igloos, snowman and sled.
Glass of lemonade.
My ingredient is lemonade because I like summer.During Summer I swim at the swimming pool at my condo.
It is skittles because the flavors represent my feelings. For example red is angry, yellow is happy, green is eco- friendly and purple is lazy.
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