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No description

Girish Khaitan

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of VP PR

Responsibilities of a VP-PR officer.
What's in it for you?
How to do it?
Fun Activity.
Case Studies.
Links and Materials
Discussion VP - Public Relations Responsibilities. Thank You! * Maintain a club website.

* Join a Toastmasters-moderated social networking website.

* Produce and distribute a club newsletter, preferably via email.

* Promote membership programs.

* Promote the club to local media.
How to do it? * Leadership Opportunity (Delegate and Motivate)

* Marketing Skills

* Creative and Innovative thinking. What's in it for you? Achieving success as a VP - Public relations

Website guide:

Brand refresh: http://d41toastmasters.com/BrandRefresh.htm

Links and Materials. I am a member of XYZ toastmasters club. I am responsible for making a newsletter for our club. I have not made a newsletter before. How do I design a news letter? I have asked for articles from the members of our club but still I have not received any articles what should I do?

I am a member of ABC toastmasters club. We have a website but its almost dead how can I make it more interactive and alive so that it can attract visitors? Case studies. Web Resources
www.toastmasters.org/brochures * Attend district-sponsored club-officer training.

* Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club meeting.

* Protect and publicize the Toastmasters brand.

* Attend other Toastmasters events.

* Prepare your successor for office. Inside the club meeting * Announce upcoming events and programs.

* Gather information for the newsletter or website.

* Greet members and guests.
Barriers in Delegation * Lack of confidence

* Fear of losing control

* Selfishness

* Insecurity

* Reluctance – 5 steps of delegation * Decide what to delegate

* Decide who'll do the task.

* Assign responsibility

* Grant Authority

* Establish accountability Girish Khaitan
City of Joy Toastmasters Club
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