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All About Ancient Egypt Civilization

No description

Ashley Jhang

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of All About Ancient Egypt Civilization

Egyptians' lives revolved around the Nile.
Because of the Nile, Egypt was able to grow as one of the strongest empires in the Ancient World.
Ancient Egypt: Blessing of the Nile
What built the Empire?
Ancient Egypt Civilization 101-continued
One of the four ancient civilizations.
Its culture, such as architecture, art, government system, invention, technology, and etc, had a great influence in his
Unique, no other parts of the world have same or similar culture.

Agriculture and Technology
Religious services
Gods such as Hapi or Osiris who are related to the Nile.
Ancient Egypt Civilization 101

When? Around 3100 B.C.E to 300 B.C.E

Where? Northeastern part of Africa, modern day Egypt
Nile River!
"Egypt was the gift of the Nile"
rich soil (agriculture)
transportation (trade and diplomatic relationship)
technology (papyrus, understanding of seasons)
It was the foundation of the Egyptian Empire and the center of Egyptians' lives.

Rich soil enabled the growth of flax, wheat, reeds, fruits, and etc.
Regular flooding enabled the understanding of seasons, development of irrigation system, and etc.
Provided a transportation route for Egypt
Development of boat making technology
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