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National History Day

History Day 2012 Reform Revolution Reaction

Philip Herdman

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of National History Day

Introduction History Day is a national competition where
600,000 students compete Most Howard County secondary schools participate 8th grade students in G/T History participate at Clarksville Compete locally against other HoCo middle school students Students who participate in NHD perform better on average when it
comes to standardized tests than those who do not Revolution Reaction Reform A radical change in society and social structure A response to some influence or event To change or manipulate based on an event or response Choosing a topic What type of revolution?
Scientific? Reform from individuals?
Reform from movement?
Positive? Negative? Court case reaction?
Reaction to an event? Local?

Let's say your topic was the Vietnam War....Narrow it down! American Involvment.. too big Reactions to the war? Hawk/Dove reaction to the war Think
1) Time and place
2) Cause and effect
3) Change over time
4) Impact and significant
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