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Tekla Open API Basic Training - Overview and Getting Started

A simple introduction to Tekla Structures Open API

Frank Wang

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Tekla Open API Basic Training - Overview and Getting Started

Tekla Open API US Solution Team : solutions.us@tekla.com Overview and Getting Started Frank Wang, 2012 Agenda > About Tekla Open API > Available resource and help 3. What is in Tekla Open API? Model API Drawing API Plugin API Macros API Tekla Extranet Extensions Downloads API Discussion Forum Open API Help File Extranet > Forum Extranet > Forum > Open API > Thread Example Open API Help File (.chm) Example Example code Properties Tekla Extranet Open API Help File Open API Basic Training Course Who is using Tekla Open API? What can I do with Tekla Open API? What is in Tekla Open API? US Solution Team Open API Webinar US Solution Team Open API Webinar - Series 1 http://www.tekla.com/us/Pages/webinars.aspx 1. Who is using Tekla Open API? > Tekla Developers > Partners More features are made by Open API
Pugins Clash Check Manager Convert IFC objects Model Organizer Management Tools Layout Manager Rebar Shape Manager Task Manager > Extranet Extensions > Tekla Structures Out-of-box features Hundreds of extensions Thousands of downloads > Trimble Integration Solutions > Engineering & Construction Services > Building Product Partners > Production & Automation Partners Contact: solutions.us@tekla.com Tekla Open API Basic Training Course Start from the low hanging fruit! Layout Manager Example Apps created by Model API > Solutions proudly created by US Solution Team members Component Manager Component variable Plugin API examples Drawing Application and Drawing Plugin Examples In-Model Reviewer Data Exchanger Model Checker See more on Extranet Weld Preparation After Before Enable to combine with model or drawing API Macros Example "Swap Handles" Add to toolbar Plugins Mini-toolbar Have you ever downloaded an extension? Extensions OpenAPI Forum
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