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My Perpose

No description

dustin west

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of My Perpose

Some questions I have answered for my self are...Am I doing my best?I think that I am doing my best to a certain extant.Another question that I have answered for myself is...Could I do better?I think that I could be doing better by studying more for tests and quiz's and by not getting distracted in class.
Academic knowledge
In English I learned how to write style files,different technique's to make writing sound more professional.

In science I learned how to read the mass number and atomic number of an element on the periodic table.
In Entrepreneurship I learned how to be creative and how to make a good pitch.

In math I learned how to graph an equation and determine a function.
Outside of school
Some of my hobby's
I like to shoot air soft guns.
I also like to play video games.
High school plan
Future interests
Movie making.
T.V. show making.
My Perpose
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