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Innovation through Creative Problem Solving - MW

This is the barebones outline for the final group project in COM 353.

Adam Barragato

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Innovation through Creative Problem Solving - MW

1. Empathize BY finding a real problem on campus & Understanding it
a. You have to have EXCITEMENT about the problem on campus. If you don't know how to find a problem, think of the "painstorming" exercises we did as a class. What are the things that DRIVE YOU CRAZY on this campus?
b. Once you have figured that out, you need to find people that this problem directly relates to and get as MUCH info as possible about this problem from THEIR point of view through:
1) SURVEYS and 2) RESEARCHING other universities.
2. Define BY using Metaphors (based on Survey Results
a. You can't really get someone on board with your problem if they CAN'T see it or feel it. It is important to 1) showcase ALL of your research findings and 2) make sure that you sum it up in a way that we can REALLY understand (hence the metaphor!)
3. Ideate THROUGH Brainstorming
The key is to generate as many INNOVATIVE ideas that have not been thought of yet (yes, you can make changes to existing solutions). Just coming up with ideas is NOT brainstorming. You need to challenge the status-quo with NEW ideas using existing technology (when applicable).
4. Prototype FROM Brainstorming
a. What is the solution? (Be descriptive!)
b. What is the timeline? (Make sure to tell us ALL of the steps and completion time)
d. What is the estimated cost? (Map out all of the costs as well as the final cost)
e. How does this solve the problem?
5. Test THROUGH measurements
a. This is the action step from empathizing. What was "hypothetical" is now a "REAL THING" so you need to go back to you original people you surveyed and see if the problem is getting better or completely fixed.
Through Creative Problem Solving
(original ideas that have value)
(finding novel solutions to important problems)
This portion of your paper is due:
This portion of your paper is due:
This portion of your paper is due:
This portion of your paper is due:
Monday of Week 10
Friday of Week 11
Wednesday Week 12
Present - WEEK 13
-Overall Presentation (18)
-Research from other universities Explained/Summarized (4)
-Survey Questions for Survey Monkey (link to survey monkey will be fine as well) (4)
-Metaphor explained (4)
-Survey Results & Explanation (4)
8 points TOTAL
-12 BEST brainstorms
(.5 for each good brainstorm c/nc)
6 points total
-Estimated Cost (4)
12 points total
46 points presentation
8 points total
-Proposed Solution w/
-Rationale (4)
-Timeline (4)
34 points paper
80 Points Total
Conflicting requirements on the product

A new environment

Inefficient use of resources (material/time/energy/repetition/..)

User complaints or modifications

Things to Look for When Painstorming

White Board Marker

When visiting a new place, culture, or society, the pains that are taken for granted by the natives, become obvious and easy to recognize.

Painstorming – Society

Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN)
Next All-Day SEE Workshop on June 14 in San Antonio, TX
tailored to participants needs


Write down the pains associated with a product that you get frustrated with.

What pains you?

What’s the toughest part of putting on shoes for a 2 year old?

Painstorming &
Suboptimal Equilibrium

Painstorming is identifying your customers’ pains
Suboptimal equilibrium refers to a situation wherein the customer experiences a pain or inconvenience) with the product/service, and continue to engage in its use.
The customer may or may not be conscious about the existence of the pain.
The customer may view the situation as an acceptable inconvenience or a part of getting the job done.
An entrepreneur sees an opportunity of moving the equilibrium to a higher value proposition by addressing the pain.




What are the pains here?

What’s pain using this product?




What is the pain in filling beer cups at sports venues?


What are the pains in organizing books?

What trigger words come to mind when you think about pains with existing products or in life?


Plato is a great Greek philosopher and the founder of the Academy of Athens – the first institution of higher learning in Western world.
Plato made the profound observation that the necessity is the mother of invention.
To this day, his astute observation remains the key for unlocking innovation.
Look for the frustration that fuels the fire.

Necessity is
the Mother of Invention

Jonathan Weaver, UDM
Sri Condoor, SLU

Painstorming &
Suboptimal Equilibrium


Too hot
Becomes cold fast

What is the pain with coffee drinking?

Source: http://bbpromoline.com/resources/BBPL+LE+CAT+BOTTLE+OPENER+P10.png

Source: http://m.syfy.com/inf/infomo?site=syfy&view=dvicestoriesdetails&feed:a=stories_dvice&feed:c=stories_dvice_channel&feed:i=3.79369

What’s the pain here?

Source: healthydiveats.com

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/the-15-most-brilliant-new-ideas-weve-seen-this-fall-2010-11?utm_source=Triggermail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Business+Insider+Select&utm_campaign=BI_Select_112910_Personal#10-a-double-sided-peanut-butter-jar-so-you-can-get-every-last-bit-6

What’s the problem here?

Source: spendingless101.com

Source: westracbelize.com/antifreeze_coolant_319.php

What’s the pain here?

Monday of Week 11
Important Research Findings Shared (4)
Researching Findings Shared Creatively (4)
Use and Description of Metaphor (4)
Innovativeness (4)
Time-Table (4)
Overall Usefulness (4)
Plausibility (4)
Professionalism (4)
Visual Aid (4)
Good time w/out lags (4)
Preparation (4)
Use of Feedback (2)
-Problem (12)
-Solution (16)
Brainstorming can be one of the funnest exercises you do in groups.
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