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hip hop and rock music magazine

cuicui liu

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of PRM

Evaluation My media product was a music magazine of hip hop and rock. These concepts determine the actual appearance of my magazine. VIBE magazine (hip hop) KERRANG magazine (rock) PRM (hip hop&rock) The logo of my work, I designed on a website which helps me easy to do my work. I used only red colour make it look simple and attractive. The magazine name is PRM which means Hip hop Rock Music magazine. And the font colour is red and the font is “speedline”. logo social groups young people teenagers My target audience are men and women aged by 16-25 years
My magazines are designed of specific social groups. I used the slang a lot.
The layout itself shows some of the ideas and dreams young people have. The magazine indicates/suggests that as long as teenagers have the courage to pursue their dreams, they can achieve anything they want.
This is the first time I designed a music magazine and I thought my design is still requires more work. So I decide to change some design. First, I thought the background of my front page is too simple and look bad and unattractive. So I decided add a background to make my design more attractive and make reader concentrated. I used to do a black background to show the importance of the red, because red represents life, love and passion. In order to give readers a better understanding of my magazines, this time, I used more “white accents”. Meanwhile, in order to seize the reader's eye, I put the name and artist name to the great magazine. However, the design of which I write very little about, are not well reflect the idea of young people. In addition, I also designed a red heart with blue corresponds to the heart. I didn’t change the design of the content page too much and I just add my cousin’s picture on it. And also I used the Photoshop to make it look better and attractive. In this design, I used black to be consistent with the magazine. On the other hand, I used it more blue and red to attract reader’s eye. And I used Photoshop to design some cute decorations to make young people like. I think my text colour needs to be changed because it’s unattractive and doesn’t look nice. So I decided to change my text colour to attract reader’s eye and make them concentrate. To design of this double page, I used Photoshop to design the signer picture. Hip hop is very popular among young people. And rock is simple, effective, and straightforward. Young energetic people like its rhythm, which is relaxing, stress free and unrestrained. Therefore, a large number of young people in rock music are widely loved. target audience My magazine is a mixture of hip hop and rock so I believe this should create a vast market for potential readers. My magazine promotes the passion for music and encourages people to fight for their dreams. I think my magazine will be distributed easily in places like fashion agencies, music stores, youth foundations, such as newsagents and urban stores. hip hop and rock music magazine Questionnaire The gender of people who like to read music magazine. The type of magazine of prople enjoy. spend time on read magazine photo used The photo I used my own photograph and make it on photoshop. I take more no background picture as I want make an original background.
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