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(Solar) POWER to the People

No description

Jeffrey LeFevre

on 24 February 2012

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Transcript of (Solar) POWER to the People

in an industry filled with false promises of natural, safe, economic home solutions... (like Dow's POWERHOUSE SOLAR) D O W Objectives Drive brand and product conversations when green is one of the most talked about topics Build Dow's credibility in the marketplace in a society of corporate distrust Elevate demand and sales of product in a country recovering from a recession Situation Analysis The Solar Conversations Sun giant: the largest-ever solar-powered boat prepares for a world tour (August 2010)

Builders Try to Prove Green Homes Can Be Affordable (July 2010)

DiCaprio on Powering 'Inception' With Solar (July 2010)

Will the Sun Rise, Or Set, For Solar? (April 2010)

Outlook Dims for Popular Energy-Efficiency Loans (July 2010) In The Media In the Consumer Space “I know alternative energy is becoming important, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. Isn’t technology always changing?”

“I don’t even know if my state offers rebates.”

“Solar energy is way too expensive and difficult to install.”

“The energy produced won’t be enough to make the investment worth it.”

“Even if I was interested, I don’t know where I’d begin my research. How do I know what my best option is?” The Bigger Picture Assets First of its kind
Aesthetically pleasing
Cheaper than competition
Faster installation
Established brand
Award-winning Barriers Want vs. need
High intial fee
House qualifications
Phased availability
Established competitors in space
Cheaper ways to be environmetally friendly Drivers Green is the new black
Dissatisfaction with solar panels
Green driving conversations today
Differentiated product from compeitiors
Alternative energy is gaining interest Imperatives Drive conversations in varied outlets
Engage consumers with products
Educate on green & solar
Increase product mentions
Drive early product sales
Address concerns of solar The Team Natalie Labriola volunteers at Chicago green nonprofit Jeffrey LeFevre Pepe Maldonado Tyler P. Beth Polito refuses to use plastic bags at the grocery store walks or takes public transportation wherever she goes presets all his bills to online pay to save paper Target Audience The Millers Leonardo Roofing Legislators Media Organizations Academics Conversations Competitors First Solar
Yingli Solar
Trina Solar The Dow Conversation brings a reusable water bottle everywhere she goes California: 54,550
New Jersey: 5,268
Massachusetts: 1,903
New York: 1,669
Arizona: 1,473
Colorado: 814
Texas: 306
Michigan: 6
Georgia: 6
New Hampshire: 1 Current Solar Installations Sunpower Corp.
Canadian Solar
Kyocera Plan on a Page National Dailies National TV Local TV News Science/Tech Pubs Solar Pubs Radio Local News Solar Blogs Green Blogs Business Pubs Social Media Platform (Solar) POWER to the People Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles is an innovative, sleek and energy-saving solution for your forward-thinking family and home Message Objectives Strategies Build Dow's credibility in the marketplace Drive brand and product conversations Elevate demand and sales of product Differentiate the product and raise the profile of product usage Situate Dow into the overriding green and solar conversations Establish Dow as a thought leader and innovator Trade Shows
Dow Experts
Green Families Challenge Celebrity Brand Ambassador
Green Carpet Event
Media Tour Extreme Makeover
Traditional Media
Digital Media Tactics Campaign Overview Tactics Trade Shows Celebrity Brand Ambassador
(Ed Begley, Jr.) Green Families Challenge Green Carpet Event Extreme Makeover Media Tour Digital Media Traditional Media A Hands On Experience The Shows Media Relations Offer hands-on product experience
Position Dow as thought leader
Explain certification process The Locales At The Shows POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle
Dow Expert keynote/panelist
Loaded USBs
Product pamphlets
Booth visitor list (for sales usage)
On-site marketing team Video, post & tweet updates
Target homebuilders, academics and organizations Ask the Dow expert via the microsite & digital media
Seek coverage for presence at green families events and trade shows Brings voice to Solar America Initative team
Establishes a face behind Dow Solar
Centralizes Dow’s thought leadership
Facilitates two-way communication between audiences and Dow Media Relations The Face Behind Dow "The Millers" The Challenge National - challenge launch, green carpet event, sweet state launch
Local - green family installs
Digital - blogs, videos, digital media Using Ed About Ed The Event Bring awareness to product & campaign
Generate media coverage for campaign Stimulating Media The Sites Getting in the Conversation Media Relations Thinking Big A Perfect Fit The Tour Dow on Set Dow Experts Install product on his home
Green carpet event MC
Green tip videos
Posts/tweets from Ed
Earth Day video for Dow employees High profile figure
Award-winning activist
Host of
Serves on multiple environmental organizations
Strong online presence & recent media coverage
Connects with consumers emotionally Attendees Announce Green Families Challenge winners
Announce Ed Begley, Jr. as celebrity brand ambassador
Q&A with Dow experts
Announce partnership with national TV program
Feature green vendors The Highlights Program Budget Trade Show
Green Families Challenge*
Celebrity Brand Ambassador
Green Carpet Event/Dow Experts
Media Tour
Extreme Makeover*
Traditional Media
Digital Media $60,000
$909,500 Out of Pocket Results 360 Facebook advertising
Paid Google search results
Extreme Makeover commerical spots and sponsorship
Non-profit/academic sponsorship, research grant or partnership
Print & online video advertisments
Email blasts to interested consumers (Solar) POWER to the People... Foreward “So, if I were trying to invent a mythic brand, I'd want to be sure that there was a story, not just a product or a pile of facts. That story would promise (and deliver) a heroic outcome. And there needs to be growth and mystery as well, so the user can fill in her own blanks.” –Seth Godin Guests arrive

Lunch is served
Remarks from Ed Begley, Jr.
Dow experts/greem families/special guests introduced

DOW panel/special guests presentations
Q&A with DOW panel experts/special guests

Ed Begley, Jr. is available for questioning 11:30a



2:00p Bloggers
Traditional media
Local legislators
Local academics Representative of "The Millers" consumer
Position Dow as credible resource
Engage in emotional green & solar conversations
Excite consumers about product Award winning series
9.11 million viewers
Ty Pennington, is well known among our audiences
Show is centered around helping families Dow Experts donate POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles
Credited on show
Prominently featured on show’s website Use digital media to communicate appearance
Ability to mention to editor’s at green carpet event Green energy and the product are already being talked about online
Dow needs to get into the discussion & be a resource for information
Getting in on the discussion reinforces thought leadership Outlets Tone Measuring Objectives How to Measure Use market research tools to measure online conversations and media placements by influence Build Dow's credibility in the marketplace Elevate demand and sales of product Drive brand and product conversations Objectives Online dialogue and reviews for Dow brand perception Sales Goals 200% increase in media placements
Secure products sales among 60% retention of 4,000 on the waiting list The New Conversations In The Media Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles provide a roof and electricity to Extreme Makeover home.

Finally! solar power that is easy on the eyes.

Green homeowners and installers eagerly await Dow’s next batch of POWERHOUSE shingles.

Dow blazing the trail in solar powered roofing.

Going green and still blending in: Dow’s POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles reduce carbon footprint and match your regular shingles. In The Consumer Space “It’s great to know that there are companies like Dow doing their part for the environment.”

“I always thought of solar power as huge blocky panels, but Dow’s POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles are barely noticeable”

“I love that I can see real results in my energy bill.”

“I was glad to actually see my legislator informing people about the rebates the state offers for using solar energy.”

“I was surprised to see normal roof installers working with Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles." Measure event influence on sales Trade Show
Green Families Challenge
Celebrity Brand Ambassador
Green Carpet Event/Dow Experts
Media Tour
Extreme Makeover
Traditional Media
Digital Media Total ---------$1,291,000 Fees $50,000
$395,000 Builds Dow as a thought leader
Reaches all audiences
Enhances Dow’s exposure
Increases coverage in addition to Green Carpet Event What Dow is doing in the green space
Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles
Green tips Media Relations Top Words Twitter Want to win Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles for your home? Entry is easy, learn more: http://bit.ly/hio67 #POWERHOUSE

@DowSolar will be installing POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles in Lansing tomorrow http://bit.ly/icYU3Ed #POWERHOUSE

When washing dishes by hand, do not let the water run while rinsing - fill one sink with wash water and the other with rinse water #DowGreenTips

RT @EdBegleyJr Phone chargers use electricity even if the phone isn’t plugged in - simply unplug your cord from the outlet! #DowGreenTips

Happy Earth Day! Dow Solar celebrates by planting trees and installing POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles at a lucky family’s home! http://bit.ly/icsRF5S

@JoeAppleton Great question! The shingles will be available in May - for more info, go to: http://DowSolar.com #POWERHOUSE Facebook Microsite Intern Production A 3 YouTube *Does not include donated Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles Event attendance
Number of media placements
Level of coverage
Visitor levels to microsite
Level of online engagement
Product survey Measuring Tactics The Submission Must reside in one of ten sweet states
Submit green living video
Winners receive free installed product & trip to New York Using the Green Families Green Carpet Event
Media install day
Green tips & family advice
Brand ambassadors In Sweet States Timeline
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