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The Impact of Climate Change on Diversity of living things.

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ahmed elsharkawy

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of The Impact of Climate Change on Diversity of living things.

The Impact of Climate change on the diversity of living things 'Climate
change' has been worsening over a long period of time Plants and animals in the
natural enviroment are very sensitive to changes in climate Changes in polar areas are noticed more than any other areas Many animals around the world are starting to get endangered of becoming extinct as a result of 'Global Warming' If the rate of climate change continues to accelerate, then the extinction of some mountain plants and animals is CERTAIN As ocean waters in the tropics become warmer, the damage to coral reefs seems to be increasing. these corals are very sensitive to changes in water temperature Zooplanktons, small organisms that float on the sea surface are declining in numbers, reducing the number of fish and birds that feed on these organisms S.O.S
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