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How to become a knight?

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Sha'Nora Reed

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of How to become a knight?

How to become a knight?
Code of Chivalry

The Code of Chivalry was a promise that knights made for the protection and safety of the people.

"Defend the weak, be courteous to all women show their king loyalty,and serve God at all times."

Even though knights came from rich families, not all of them inherited money.
They plunder villages or cities they conquered and destroyed churches and other property.
They consider peasants and woman as "weak".
They brutalized noble women and children and sometimes they would even rape young women peasant with no fear that someone may try to get to get there revenge,all because they were rich.
The dubbing ceremony was the page chance to show the lord that he was worthy enough to be a knight.

The night before the ceremony the knight dressed in a white tunic and a red robe.Then,he would fast and prayed for the purification of his soul. The chaplain would then bless the page sword and laid it a chapel or alter.
Before dawn he would bath to show that he was bless and dressed in his best clothes. When it was dawn, the page now has to go confess his sins to a priest and eat breakfast, before the ceremony started.
Dubbing Ceremony

The real dubbing ceremony would be held outside with family,friends,and nobility watching.

First,the squire takes a knee in front of the lord.Then, the lord would gently tap each of his shoulders with his sword and granted him as a knight.
At the age of six or seven,noblemen would send their son to the closet castle to be trained to become a knight.

As a page the boy duties are to:

1.Strengthen his body
3.Ride horses

Also, the page would be taught how to use his sword and spear.His opponent would be a wooden dummy called a quintain.The quintain would be hung from a pole with his shield on.This taught the boy how to get away from his opponent quickly without being hit.

At the age fourteen,the page would become a squire and take orders from a knight.

As a squire the boy duties are to:
1. Dress the knight in the mornings
2.Serve meals to all knight's
3.Care for the knight's horses
4.Clean the knight's armor and or weapons

The squire had follow the knight to all his tournaments and accompany his lord on the battlefield.

At the of twenty the page would now learn how to a knight.

The page would train his self how to use a lance and a sword while wearing forty pounds of armor and riding his horse. When the page turned twenty-one he would have to prove his self to the lord that he was worthy enough to be a knight.
He proved it during his dubbing ceremony.

Actual Dubbing Ceremony
Quick Facts
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