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FOWD version 2

The GyroHSR Wednesday workshop on the FOWD.

Matthew Bee

on 20 May 2009

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Transcript of FOWD version 2

Future of Web
Design Conference 2009 1.
Simple ways to better sites and happier clients Scary trends Design is a commodity 32,000 Designers.
1,656,104 Designs Submitted.
$4,647,148 Awarded.
That’s $2.81 per design Web sites are dead A website is not the only route to customers.
Use services to get content out there.
Publishing content and entering conversations in as many channels as possible. 2.
Agile Web Development Model Business Talk and learn the client business Targets Take appropriate action and compare to targets. Action Determine a strategy Strategy Set targets. They can always be set. Understand Understand why the client wants to go online BUSTA Waterfall model popular
Relies a lot on assumptions and intuition.

Current process includes much more besides creating. Agile Web Development is a model for building web applications that emphasises on clear goals, planning, and iterative delivery. Agile web development ensures the successful completion of product at the end of each iteration. 1 - Agreement from client

2 - Generate ideas

3 - Visualisation

4 - Technical Development

5 - Customer/user feedback

6 - Delivery Short timeline
Refined Team
Clear planning
Concise Documentation.
Jim Coudal on the creative process Solving creative problems
Finding connections between things Booking bands game
demonstrates the creative process.

I know how you think. Find the things you know (constant) and reel through things you don't know (variables)

Using this process, often short attention spans produce very creative options

Don't be scared to revisit things and move onto other projects

Constants can be some content, a call to action, a logo, a message - assign variables to these constants.

Mark Boulton on typography What is typography?

Typography on the web can be frustrating
Bridges the gap between author and reader expectations
Fonts are designed for a purpose
Anything is acceptable in context

Help people make easy design decisions - use smart defaults

Look at the user base and guage what fonts they will probably have
Use the cascade.

m 5.
Accessibility with Robin Christopherson and his guide dog Tenby Disabled users (not only visually impaired users) often look for a mobile version of a site first

You don't have to have a different version for the mobile sites

Links and headings are used to navigate web sites

CAPTCHA doesn't work The Stats 11 million disabled people in the UK
3.2 million disabled users of the web
6 million dyslexic users RNIB highlighted some web sites with poor accessibiltiy Legal and General Case Study RNIB highlighted inaccessible web site for all to see

Rebuilt site in an accessible manner

Resulted in increased ROI from web site of...
100% Thank You Full talks available at
http://events.carsonified.com/fowd/2009/london/content Topics 1. Simple ways to better sites and happier clients

2. Agile Web Development

3. Jim Coudal on the creative process

4. Mark Boulton on typography

5. Accessibility
Think differently, simple business model. Alternative development model. How do you approach creative problems. What is typography for and how do we use it. Why is accessibility so important. What is web design?

Appearance A successful web site is about communication and function.

All the topics covered contribute to an aspect of web design (directly or indirectly) and will affect the overall success. http://www.seedconference.com/seed.php Summary 30th April - 1st May 2009, London
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