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No description

yu ting

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of DSSC

Fashionable and eco-friendly technology company Yong Jin ko
Jong In Park
Se Won Park
Jiang Ying
Xiang Ting
Xue Jingchen
Zhu Jing
Zhang Yachao Logo Slogan Company Introduction LOVE GREEN, LOVE LIFE! Mission Vision Location DEVELOPMENT OF ECO-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY MAKE LIFE GREEN Deaduk Research Park Competitive Analysis--Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
Placed in the techno-centered place

A lot of people are interested in this
kinds technologies

DSSC is noticed to be proper for the building integrated photovoltaic(BIPV)

STRENGTH WEAKNESS Level of the technologies is still low OPPORTUNITY Following the trend of "Green Growth"
Company is close to the techno-centered area THREAT People are mostly ignorant of this kinds of products (marketing) To generalize the DSSC and provide the best products and services for more and more people PRODUCT Shopping product

IN Introduction stage F

Semiconductor solar cells DSSC

Power Generation Cost high low
Power Generation Efficiency high normal
Pro-Environment(Material & Process) normal great
Color limited various
Transparency opaque transparent
Competitive Force 1
Rivalry among existing competitors Competitive Force 2 Threat of new entrants Low
It is difficult to master the new technology.
Competitive Force 3
Threat of substitute products Low
There is no better solar cell than the DSSC so far
Competitive Force4
Bargaining power of buyers Competitive Force 5
Bargaining power of suppliers Low
The materials of our product are simple and easy to buy
Augmented product After-sale service:
Installation Delivery Warranty Actual product Colorful Transparent
Core benefits electric energy
MARKET segmentation Age
Standard of living
Lifestyle targeting Product Specialization positioning Save your energy and be healthy! FET Segmentation age -20s : easy to follow the trends
-30s : more concerning about environmental issues.
-40s or more : worrying about their health problem.
gender -Men : They would think it would be useful because of prevention from ultraviolet light.
-Women : They would think it would be useful because of various colors that make their interior design of house better.
standerd of
living Cost Thought willingness low class hard to afford usually don`t have their own houses no
middle class affordable concern about environmental problems and their health. yes
high class affordable demand more about luxurious products yes

lifestyle Fashionable Lifestyle care more about design

Profitable Lifestyle care more about cost
Targeting both men and women /
20s~40s /
middle and upper class/
who have Fashionable or Profitable Lifestyles PRODUCT SPECIALIZATION Positioning Save your energy and be healthy!" or “Love Green, Love Life!”
FET (Fashionable Eco-friendly Technology Company, public limited company)

FINANCIAL PLAN THANK YOU Executive agenda Consumer service Client acquisition Active Approaches

There is a Family who needs our DSSC, pursue them aggressively. 1.Geographical Korea, Deajeon, Deduk 88-1,Seoul gangnam, HP-building office 809. 2.VC-backed Startups • Professional Networking Events • Contact VC's directly. 3.Green Companies and Partnerships The hosting industry contributes more to global warming than the entire industry.

• Green Networking Events • Contact Green NPO's for funding.

• Establish referral partnerships.
4.Miscellaneous Target other niche companies and individuals that we have a personal connection or association with. We can easily build rapport with by highlighting our relationship and affinity. Passive Approaches for Expansion 1. Enhance our portfolio. Incorporate portfolios in our website. 2. Public relations marketing. 1. Choice of colors
2. Repairing service for free within 1year
• Friends, Family
Jerry (Sol-doree Owner)
• NPO's
• School Alumni
ACS, Bolivia
Solbridge international School, Korea
Westfield High School, Fairfax High School
University of Washington
• Theta Delta Chi
• Entrepreneur Magazine
• Korean Business newspaper
• www.naver.com
3. Corporate accolades and competition. win an award How to pursue client leads? Marketing Strategy A Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) is an electrochemical battery using chemical reactions, and generating electricity when photo-sensitized dye absorbs the sunlight and generates electrons.
WHAT IS DSSC? DSSC LOW low price sensitivity few solar cell companies in Korea High differentiated products
High switching costs
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