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The way people react to a person wearing types of clothing

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Alan Salazar

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of The way people react to a person wearing types of clothing

Get the three sets of clothing 1.Proper 2. Normal 3. Dirty
Wear one set of clothing
Go to location and walk or set down
look if a person looks at user in a weird or unussual way
Report the way people reacted in notebook
Reapeat for every set of clothing
Project Rational
This project is about the way a person reacts to a particuler set of clothing,that can help suggest how the majority of people will react to that type of clothing . Their are three sets of clothing that will help in the project . One set of the apperale is dirty which will help in finding the way people will react towards a person looking dirty. The next set of clothes is a proper looking suit in a regular area people are, then the last set is just regular set of clothing. Their is a huge varaity of clothing around the world and some clothes look more suted for a certain type of reagon or place which can help a tourist visiting. and as time passes you can tell that the ravaging pain tha tthe world gains turns a man insane in the membrane mane
Risk & Safety
The way people react to types of clothing
By:Alan Torres

2 jeans
1 shorts
3 shirts
Notebook (To record research at the area of experement)
What was the most similar reaction?
Was their a major problem in the experiment?
What clothing was chosen for the experiment?
Where was the experiment tested?
Their will most likely be a greater
majority of people looking at the user with a dirty set of clothing with a astonished or bizarre look. Normal clothing will have no major reactions compared to more unique types of clothingd. When the user is wearing dirty clothing people will most likely avoid the user by passing over the user at a quiker

Can get harmed by a stranger.
Can get kicked out of area if offended someone.

Data Analysis
This research can help people know what type of clothing is mostly used in that regon, which can help a tourist know what the people in the area wear. The majority of people always stare at other people who don't look from their area or zone. The data will be the way the majority of people reacted to the three sets of clothing.
Inform the person that the user is just wearing that type of clothing for a experiment.
Future studies
The majority of the people in the experiment gave a stern or bizarre look at the user with the dirty set of clothing than the unusual clothing then the least reactions where received by the normal set of clothing.
This research can be used for defying on how the majority of people react to types of clothing which can benefit people that are not costumed to the way people live in their community . If the research grows or continues to expand then the research will take place in other parts of the united states then with other countries, which will support the conclusion on how people react to different types of clothing.
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