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Copy of 10 Axioms of Curriculum Development

Peter Oliva's Ten Axioms of Curriculum Development. For my PSY class

Lyshelle Mayo

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of Copy of 10 Axioms of Curriculum Development

10 Axioms of Curriculum Development Axiom 1 Axiom 2 Axiom 3 Axiom 4 Axiom 5 Axiom 7 Axiom 8 Curriculum development is more effective if it is a comprehensive process, rather than a “piecemeal” process. Axiom 9 Axiom 10 Curriculum development is more effective when it follows a systematic process. Curriculum development starts from where the curriculum is. Curriculum both reflects and is a product of its time Curriculum change is inevitable, necessary,
and desirable. Curriculum changes made at an earlier period of time can exist concurrently with newer curriculum changes. Curriculum development is a cooperative group activity. Curriculum change depends on people to implement the change. Curriculum development is a decision-making process in which choices are made from a set of alternatives. Axiom 6 Curriculum development is an ongoing process.
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