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Creative Writing!

No description

rebecca guenther

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Creative Writing!

Creative Writing!
Make a list of ideas for characters, plot, setting and conflicts that are interesting to you. Be certain to make a variety in order to stretch yourself...

Create Conflicts
Then create a conflict(s) that would work for a story that is really only about 2 pages long. In other words, keep it simple. One and a half pages are required, but you can write up to five. Keeping it simple will make the story easier for you to write and for you to show your skills.
Plot Creation
Make sure your story is simple and has a realistic setting. Remember, the stories that have won in the past take place in a short amount of time. Don't do a battle scene or something that takes more than an hour....you don't have enough time.
Create your characters
Making certain your characters are believable. Try to make them come alive on the page by giving them realistic traits. You want to give enough detail without overwhelming the reader with details.
Be certain you have good description and believable dialogue. You are required to have a few writing techniques like magic threes ( which I will explain) scattered throughout your work. Have fun!
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