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San Quintín farm workers

No description

Adam Johnson

on 14 March 2018

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Transcript of San Quintín farm workers

San Quintín farm workers
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
working conditions: "working environment and all existing circumstances affecting labor in the workplace, including job hours, physical aspects, legal rights and responsibilities."-https://definitions.uslegal.com/w/working-condition/
As you will see the working conditions in San Quintin are terrible
child and forced labor
San Quintin farm wokers work at least fourteen hours per day, seven days a week with no vactions.
Get paid .80 cents an hour, thats $78.40 per week
The average 35 to 45 year old man earns $1,019 per week
The workers in San Quintin are over worked and under paid which is one example of the horrible working conditions
hours and compensation
health, safety and environment
Ramon Torres was appointed the leader of the farm workers union and later was fired from his job.

Maricruz Ladino is a spanish women who said that back then in 2006 she was constantly harrased by the farm supervisor and forced her to sleep with him. When she reporeted him she was fired.

Lorenzo Rodriguez is a 26 year old and says that his back
treatment of individual workers/groups
Some of the dangurous thing that the farm workers are exposed to are :
unsanitary conditions
damged muscles
back injuries
swollen joints
These are all dangerouse to
their health.



Interview with Joram (Ms Pistilli's friend)
children work 12 hours a day and get paid 85% the amount of money that the adults get paid.
the kids are only 12 years old when they start working.
1. ¿En qué trabajo su papa?
- Mi papá trabaja en una empresa dedicada a la agricultura cosechan fresas, uvas, y frambuesas, el es ing. Agrónomo
2.¿Como es su vida en esa área?
- en esa área el se encarga de mantener las plantas saludables, desde que son sembradas hasta que se cosechan.
3.¿usted o su papa ha visto o oido de alguien que ha sido lastimado trabajando en los campos?
- si
4.¿Ha visto o escuchado de abuso o acosamiento en los campos? ¿Especialmente para mujeres?
- si
Interview part two
5.¿Ha visto o escuchado de niños debajo de 18 años trabajando en los campos o empaque?
- si, sin embargo en los últimos esto a dejado de suceder.
6.¿Cuánto les pagan a los jornaleros?
- aproximadamente 200 pesos al día ($10.75)
7.Hay algo que quiere decir le a la gente sobre San Quintín?
- en esta área de Mexico si existen demasiadas injusticias y existe el enriquecimiento de algunas personas por el trabajo de muchas, sin embargo las prestaciones, servicios, y sobre todo el salario es mucho mejor que en otros estados del país.

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