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How did Italy Justify Abyssinia?

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Dan Berkley

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of How did Italy Justify Abyssinia?

Mr Berkley
How did Italy Justify Invading Abyssinia?
Learning Objectives
To recap the events of the Abyssinia Crisis
To develop a deeper understanding of the Crisis
To increase our appreciation of Historical perspectives
Your Task
You are to represent the Italian government at the League of Nations.

You are to explain Italy's actions to the world.

You will achieve this in groups of 2.

In your pairs discuss some of the arguments you expect to be making?

How did Italy Justify Invading Abyssinia?
Each group will receive 2 documents (one for each group member).

Read the document, try to answer the questions. Then report your findings to your pair.

I will ask people at random to explain the findings of their pair, so be prepared to listen closely to each other.

Why did the League of Nations Condemn Italy?
Watch the video clip of Haile Selassie's visit to the League of Nations.

What are your impressions of him as a man?
How may this influence the League of Nations?
What do you already know?
Complete the worksheet to recap your knowledge.
Why do you think the 'Geneva crowds were for him'?

What does the narrator mean when he describes Selasie as having 'Imperturbable dignity'?
1) Italy's expansionism was a necessary response to British and French Imperialism.
3) The British and French basically gave them the go-ahead to invade Abyssinia to stop Italy becoming allies with Germany.
2) The Italian people want an empire. The Italian government are just listening to the people.
In Your Groups prepare to make a short speech to the League of Nations underlying the key points defending Italy.
Remember to:
Include evidence to back up points
Language and tone that strongly defends Italy

Justify Invading Abyssinia
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