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Networking skills for student leaders

Presentation for the Orientation staff at Bridgewater State College in preparation for networking activities during training.

Cindy Kane

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of Networking skills for student leaders

The art of small talk. 1. Keep up with current events.
2. Comment on a piece of clothing or accessory.
3. Pay attention to what they're saying. 4. Share an anecdote about your day.
5. Ask what movies or books they have seen or read recently.
6. Talk about TV. 7. Recall past conversation with this person...and remind them!
8. Ask open ended questions that require an explanation.
9. Relax! 1. Greet warmly - use names.
2. Give visual cues that you are listening.
3. Lean in. What about eye contact? Just relax.

These people are just like you!

How do we know this? How are you feeling about
the next activity? 1. Repeat name as often as possible.
2. Find a visual association with the name.
3. Write name and info down when possible.
4. Follow up if appropriate.
RA's, Senior RA's
OL's, Student Orientation Coordinator
greek organization members
at least 2 in campus ministry groups
at least 2 in Program Committee
at least 3 former SGA/Program Committee

Someone raised his GPA from 2.01 to graduating with Honors
Someone changed her major 7 times
Someone did undergraduate research and got it published.
One person did an internship with the Disney College Program.
Someone has traveled to 5 of the 7 continents
One person was born in Hawaii on a military base
Easy for you to say,
Cindy Kane. Think about three people. people who can help advance your personal goals. person who could help you out if something went wrong. The three most connected people you know. This is the beginning of your "Network." 1 2 3 NETWORKING ...orientation style Poetry
Writing songs
Breeding Siberian Huskies
Firearms training
Ice Hockey
Rock climbing
Cool Hobbies academic facts campus involvement
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