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PPP Lesson Plan

No description

Mauricio Hurel

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of PPP Lesson Plan

PPP Lesson Plan
Topic: Farm Animals

Strand(s): Integrated Skills

Level: 1st Grade (Low)

Outcomes: Recognize the names of animals and connect their sound and image to the name.
Objectives: Students should be able to:
Presentation Structure
Practice Structure
Production Structure
Time: 15 minutes

* Game time! (15 minutes)
* The teacher select a group of students at random and hands them cards with a picture of an farm animal.
* This students have to make the animal sound while their classmates have to guess the animal name in English by calling its name.
* Once all animals have been identified, the class repeats the names of all the animals one last time.

Approach: Students -> Students
* Identify farm animals names by listening its name.
* speak the name of a farm animal in English
* Correlate a picture and a sound to the name
of the animal in English.
* Watching a music video.
* Associating spoken words to images.
* Role playing an animal for the class.
Time: 45 minutes
* Greetings and attendance. (5 minutes).
* Topic Introduction. (10 minutes).
* Warm up: Ask about what animals they know live in a farm and what sounds they make. Relate to how they make different sounds in English
(Perro: Guau / Dog: Woof) (15 minutes).
* Listening / Watching video about farm animals, their names and their sounds (3 minutes video, repeated 3 times) (10 minutes).
* En presentation by singing along with the song to reinforce the sounds and names. (5 minutes).

Approach: Teacher -> Students
Time: 30 minutes
* The teacher ask around the class for names of farm animals in English and write them on the board. (5 minutes).

* Students are asked to draw their favorite animals on their notebooks and copy the names in English next to the drawings and share with their partners. Minimum 3 animals. (15 minutes).

* The teacher checks the drawings and names before proceeding. (10 minutes).

Approach: Students -> Teacher, Student <-> Student
* Resources: Whiteboard, Markers, a Projector or other mean to show video, a computer or a way to play the video, student notebooks.

* Materials: Music video about Farm Animals, 10 cards with farm animals pictures.

* Assessment: By the end of the class the students will repeat the names of the animals when seeing a picture allowing the teacher to check if they are clear in relation and pronunciation.
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