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Israel Advocacy 101

No description

Daniel S

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Israel Advocacy 101

By GOAdvocacy Israel Advocacy 101 Some Acronyms A.R.M Claim #2- The IDF uses disproportionate force Claim #1- Apartheid IDF Cont. A.R.M! The 10-80-10 When is it Anti-Israel? Address What is Apartheid? Gaza is densely populated That's All! Any questions? When is it worth arguing? Social media You are arguing for the audience Delegitimization A.R.M Double-Standard Demonization Rephrase Message TRY IT! The "Apartheid Wall" Put into place after continuous suicide bombings Decrease in terrorist attacks by 99% since then Appeals are honored and granted on constant basis LETS A.R.M! Meanwhile.... What is disproportionate force? If Israel is trying to kill civilians, its doing a pretty bad job! 1:1 civilian to militant kill ratio 4:1 in Afghanistan Israel sends in leaflets, telephone calls to warn civilians Hamas uses the civilian population as a human shield- A war crime! Minimize collateral damage- a top priority Take all the pamphlets and flyers you would like! Have a great day!
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