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Bristol Academies: An Ill Wind?

Investigative Journalism Presentation

Rebecca Megson

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Bristol Academies: An Ill Wind?

Investigative Journalism Bristol Academies: An Ill Wind? Bristol Academies:
An Ill Wind? Areas to Explore Data Other issues to consider Story Platform & Requirements In a nutshell Why teachers are sick of academies: Hypothesis Challenges... Examining the issue What, How &
Challenges “The academisation of secondary schools in Bristol is having a detrimental impact on teacher welfare” Use of the masterfile for structure An incredibly rich area! The impact of academisation
on Bristol's teachers The Changes:
Aggressive academisation
New Ofsted Ratings scheme Print - Bristol Post Sickness stats - gender, age, ailment
Ofsted ratings by school, gender, age
Teaching is no longer a long term profession
Teaching is no longer a full time job
What do academy sponsors gain out of being an academy?
Is this really benefiting students? A deeper look into the league table figures Data Gathering & analysis:
FOI Requests on teacher welfare
Review of Bristol League Table results
National statistics
News, industry publications, relevant bodies and organisations Interviews:
Cecile Jagoo – (retired) School Governor for two schools in Bristol
Stephen Williams MP Bristol North
Richie Paradise – teacher, Cotham School, previous 10 years experience of teaching in and around Bristol, including as a supply teacher
Tom Pyne, President of Bristol NUT
Finding and analysing stats Figuring out what the story was Getting and maintaining a clear focus Marshalling the data The Impact on teachers:
Workforce leavers
Protection & Support "I’m not going to put myself forward for the upper pay scale 1 or 2 because you end up becoming too expensive and more liable to be let go" teacher, Cotham School, Bristol Ofsted new ratings scheme
'devastating' expensive women teachers in their 50s "We're in heated dispute with one academy chain in Bristol who are refusing to recognise the NUT" Tom Pyne, President Bristol NUT Michael Gove Education Minister Stephen Williams MP
Bristol North "Academies can't do any harm..." % teachers taking sick leave by school - academic year 11/12 % of teachers taking sick leave 'True story' examples of Bristol women teachers impacted in this way Visualisation
- Photographs
- National & local stats
- $$$ impact Opinion
- Parents & children
- LA/MPs
- Schools/academy sponsors Interviews Real life stories
Local Authority
Academy leaders 'Follow the money' Cost of teachers in school
Pension implications Questions
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