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Major League Baseball Player


Incarnation Catholic

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Major League Baseball Player

Need to be great at baseball
Need to have an understanding in baseball
Need a passion for baseball
You can attend any school you would like to. If a college gives you a scholorship, then it is best that you attend that college because they will pay that college for you.
I will continue with my faith by praying every night, wearing a neckalace with a cross on it, and attending mass every time i am able to.
Hobbies/ Activities
While I am a baseball player I will continue playing video games, going to the gym, fishing, kayaking, spending time with family and paint.

High school Courses
The main ones are physical education because you need to stay fit, strong, and athletic. you need science because you need to know about your health and muscles so you dont get seriously hurt or very unhealthy or sick.

The Job
Major League baseball
Major League Baseball Player

The only way to be an MLB player is to be drafted for a team. You are to get a scholorship in college for being a great baseball player. after that there will be scouts for the MLB that are looking for new kids to join their team. That is how you can go to the MLB.
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