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harley mitchell

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of OAK WOODS and PRAIRIES

Some Soils/Rocks
One of Texas's most important natural is its soil. Texas soils are complex because of the wide diversity of climate, vegetation, geology, landscape. More than 1,300 different kinds of soil are recognized in Texas. Each has a specific set of properties that affect its use.
Texas can be divided into 21 major land resource areas that have similar or related soils, vegetation, topography, climate, and land uses.
there is the trans-pecos soils, upper-pecos, canadian valleys, and plains soils,high plains soils, rolling plains soils, north central prairies soils, and edwards plateau soils.
Oak Woods
the size of Oak Woods is about 19,500 sq miles
Water Quality in our ecoregion
our water is very poor right now because people are polluting and littering and by 2050 there will be almost no trees around in the Oak Woods
Oak Woods and Prairies
Oak Woods and Prairies are actually two separate/different ecoregions!
bottom land soils may be light brown to dark grey
oak woods are a grassland that consists of bluestem, silver bluestem, and brownseed paspalum, etc.
there are also some oak woods in the prairies as well.
the size is usually about 25,500 sq miles long
some common vegitation is pecans,sugarberry,red oak, burr oak, and buck eye ect.
some common wildlife that you will see here is racoons,beavers,porcupine,ringtail,
tarantala ect.
Why You Should

prairies are usually located in the north central and central Texas
the prairies soil is very rich,fertile,and black during the summer and in the winter it is usually grey hard(such as clay) and rough
during the summer part of this region is called blackland prairies because of rich,fertile,and black soil
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