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A book review of Divergent

Samson Olivero

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Divergent

Dive Veronica Roth By Setting The story takes place in
the future Chicago. Where everything is separated into 5 different factions, but if you fail the initiation your factionless... Genre The Genre is fantasy. Characters The Characters are: 1.Beatrice: A strong character, with a hothead that turns out to be Divergent. 2.Caleb: Beatrice's brother who is not who you think he is...... 3. Four: A Character who is kind nimble, smart, and full of mystery... 4.The 5 factions Summary In a futuristic Chicago a 16 year old girl Beatrice Prior has a fatal choice to make. Which faction shall she choose:Candor the honest,Amity the peaceful,Abnegation the selfless,Dauntless the brave ,or Erudite the intelligent? The test she takes has a result of 3 factions meaning her personality is divergent and divergence is dangerous. Her brother Caleb chooses Erudite, so ,which should she choose her family, herself ,or her faction? In this reality choosing a faction is the decision you make when your 16 ,which will you choose? Or perhaps you will fail the initiation and become factionless........... One choice will change your life and that choice will make enemies, friends, and something even more..... Figurative Language "Eric smiles, and in the blue light, his smile looks wicked, like it was cut into his face with a knife." -Beatrice Prior Veronica Roth has "tons" of figurative language in her books. Her similes are a million times better than ANYONE'S similes! "A Bone chilling story that will take you to a world like no other and shall make you read it until your done!"-Samson Olivero "A gripping story that will not allow you to put the book down!"-Mrs.Willhoite Do I Now Have Your Attention??? How about Now?? Evaluate Divergent may even be better than the Hunger Games! Divergent is comparible to Hunger Games because they're both basically about a future with lots of negative outcomes, they are separated into different groups, and the heroes are teenagers.It was extremely hard to put down. I couldn't help but stay up and read all night just to figure out what happens on the next page! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Hunger Games and even people who dont like to read! I rate it 10/10. CONCLUSION In conclusion the book divergent was one of the best books I've ever read! I hope there will be more books that are good like Divergent and Hunger Games.I will also recommend this book to EVERYONE!!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING! rgent
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