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The London Eye by Olivia

Olivia's grade 3 project.

Jim Cash

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of The London Eye by Olivia

• In 2012, more than three million people visited the London Eye.
• Location: London, UK (on the River Thames)
• Height: 135 metres
• Weight: 2100 tonnes
• Speed: turns at 26 cm per second
• Time to revolve: 30 min
• The London Eye is the world’s tallest observation wheel
• Number of capsules: 32
• People per capsule: 25
• How far can you see: 40 km in all directions
• Cost: $150 million dollars

Who came up with the idea?
• They probably got the idea from The Great Wheel of London that was built in 1895 and ran until 1906.
• They got the idea for that from the Ferris wheel in Chicago.
• The original idea for the “observation wheel” came from George Ferris in 1893.
Main builders
• The London Eye was designed and built by Mark Barfield Architects.
• There were 7 main architects who designed it
• It was built in separate pieces
Why named “London Eye?"
• I think it is named the London eye because it is in London and your eye is on London

The London Eye was opened by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in December, 1999
Not opened to the public until March 9, 2000 because of problems.
The London Eye has become a tourist attraction.
By June, 5 2008 30 million people had ridden the London Eye since it opened
Is it still stable and in use?
The London Eye is still stable and in use.
Purpose, how used?
It is used to look at London in every direction.
The view is very pretty.
You can see lots of things like the large clock tower called, Big Ben and the Thames River
You can see in every direction of London
You can see the British Museum, South Bank Centre and Green Park.
Materials used to make the London Eye
Each capsule is almost all windows.
Large bars, aluminum, steel, glass, plastic, rubber
Chicago Wheel
Great Wheel of London
Thank you for listening!
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