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Ronaldo vs. Messi

No description

Gregory Dunham

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Ronaldo vs. Messi

who is the best soccer player in the world? who are they? Cristiano Ronaldo he is from portugal (in europe) HE IS 27 YEARS OLD he plays for real madrid he wears number 7 he plays striker he is 171 lbs (78kg) he is 6 feet (184 cm) Lionel Messi he was born in argentina he plays for Barcelona he is 25 years old he plays striker he wears number 10 he is 67kg =147lbs 169cm= 5 feet 6inches ronaldo is named after former us president ronald reagan ronaldo wanted number 28 at man united not number 7 he owns a clothing store in portugal called CR7 ronaldo he was detected with a growth hormone deficiency at the age 11 and his parents could not afford treatment which was $900 per month messi was offered a place in the national team by spain which he did not accept messi inherited the number 10 barca jersey from another great footballer ronaldinho three interesting facts about cristiano ronaldo three interesting things about lionel messi They both play striker
They both play their club football in Spain
Ronaldo is from Europe and Messi is from South America
Ronaldo is older than Messi by 2 years
Ronaldo is taller than Messi by 15 cm
Cristiano Ronaldo weighs 11 kg more than Messi who do you think is better? (south america) NOW LET'S COMPARE THEM! Let's see them play! Still undecided? Let's look at their stats! Messi comes from Argentina Population: 40,764,561
Professional Players: 331,811
Size: 2,766,890 km²
Continent: South America
Climate: humid subtropical climate Ronaldo comes from Portugal Population: 10,637,000
Professional Players: 132,734
Size: 92,340 km²
Continent: Europe
Climate: warm temperate, Mediterranean climate What does this mean?

It means you have a 0.81% chance of becoming a professional soccer player in Argentina.

Here's how I know...
331,811 / 40,764,561 x 100 = 0.8139 What does this mean?

It means you have a 1.25% chance of becoming a professional soccer player in Portugal.

Here's how I know...
132,734 / 10,637,000 x 100 = 1.24785 There is a better chance of becoming a professional player in Portugal than there is in Argentina. This means it was harder for Messi to make it professionally. now lets look at their teams
who is better?
barcelona or real madrid? barcelona was formed in 1899 and real madrid was formed in 1902 domestic success
league titles
barcelona: 21 real madrid: 32
spanish cups
barcelona:18 real madrid: 26 european success
european appearances
barcelona: 23 real madrid: 43
european cups
barcelona: 4 real madrid: 9 let's compare their success real madrid has won 11 more league titles than Barcelona real madrid has won 8 more spanish cups than barcelona real madrid draw (head to head) 56 barcelona had draw 56 time 2011/2012 Season real Madrid had draw 4 time Barcelona 7 times this is how european cups looks like real madrid has won 5 more european cups than barcelona Real Madrid has qualified for the European Champions League 20 more times than Barcelona that means that in total real madrid has won 24 more trophies in total than barcelona

I would say that makes real madrid the better team overall let's see how they compare recently... real madrid 59 apparances and barcelona 54 messi 59 Appearance ronaldo has 54 ronaldo has 60 goals and messi have 73 goals messi assists 28 and ronaldo has 15 ronaldo hat- tricks has 10 and messi 7 messi has 9 yellow cards ronaldo 8 messi has no red cards also ronaldo has no red card 2011/2012 PERSONAL STATS ronaldo has 8 yellow card and messi 9 messi has no red card also ronald has no red card career stats ronaldo has made 492 appearances and messi has made 354 appearances

ronaldo has made 138 more appearances than messi ronaldo 292 goals and messi haves 287 looking at there trophecs mancherter united ronaldo has won the english premier league 3 times ronaldo has won the FA Cup 1 time ronaldo has won the FA community shield 1 time messi he won the UEFA Champions League once he won the FIFA club world cup once messi won the spanish league once messi won Copa del Rey (1): 2010–11 messi won Supercopa de España (1) messi won La Liga :9 times messi won the Supercopa de España 5 times messi won the UEFA Champions League 2 times messi won the UEFA Super Cup 3 times •FIFA Club World Cup: 2009, 2011 STATS
real madrid: 38 barcelona: 38
real madrid: 32 barcelona:28
real madrid:2 barcelona: 3
real madrid: 2 barcelona:3
goals for
real madrid:121 barcelona:114
goals against
real madrid: 29 barcelona: 31
goal difference
real madrid: +90 barcelona: +85
real madrid: 100 barcelona: 91 he wears number 10 who is last season real madrid won 4 more games than barcelona (32-28=4), tied one less game than barcelona (3-2=1), and lost one less game than barcelona (3-2=1).

real madrid also had a better goal difference than barcelona by 5 goals (90-85=5).

real madrid finished in first with 9 more points than barcelona (100-91=9)

seems like real madrid were the better team last year... real madrid has 2 more goals against the n barcelona and how in now is 29 minus - 31 - 2 ronaldo won the league cup 2 times messi won the Copa del Rey3 times i thinks that both are real good but c ronaldo is better has better stats and has more messi and c ronaldo are real good but c ronaldo has better team more trophies and good sta what about their individual careers so far... messi won the FIFA Club World Cup twices i think that ronaldo and messi are real good but i think messi is better because it was hard to become professional soccer player in argentinian he has more hard trophies and better skills then but ronaldo had better stats then messi and better team then messi but still i think that messi is better
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