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History Project: How did early immigrants contribute to singapore

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Bonita Ong

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of History Project: How did early immigrants contribute to singapore

How did Early Immigrants contribute
to Singapore's development Chinese Coolies Push Factors Reasons Why Chinese coolies came... Done By:
Harreini Jeyaudin (4)
Bonita Ong (14)
Sahanas D/O Syed Muabarak (15)
Vinnie Heng Kai Ning (16) Let's put on our detective caps and onwards!
TO THE PAST First of all: There were both push and pull factors. That was why the early immigrants came to Singapore. MEANING? Immigrants came to Singapore due to the unfavourable conditions in their homeland. While others were simply attracted to Singapore because there were many job opportunities available for them. How did the coolies contributed to Singapore's growth as a trading centre? They worked in docks They basically helped to load and unload goods. Working In Construction Sites They have built buildings. Extra Information on Coolies The coolies lived a very hard life as they had to work very hard to earn a living. Working as Rickshaw Pullers They provide a mode of transportation for the people. Working in plantations The coolies have worked in plantations. They grew new fruits vegetables, rubber and many Pull Factors Chinese Coolies Coolies were employed for construction work, plantation work, in ports and mines and as rickshaw pullers. Pull factors are factors that attract people to come to Singapore. Part of Singapore's labour force, engaged mainly in hard physical labour. Our Thoughs on Chinese Coolies We felt that Chinese coolies have contibuted a lot to the growth of Singapore. Reference 1. Google Images
2. Wikipedia
3. Slideshare.net
4. Infopedia Immigrants were attracted to Singapore because there were job opportunities for businesses, free trade and free port. They were forced to leave their homeland E.g. natural disasters and lack of food. Now we are going to look at Chinese coolies! The word “coolie” is believed to have come from the Hindi term kuli They came to Singapore seeking their fortune but they served as indentured, unskilled labourers. Chinese coolies were driven by poverty in China to seek a better life in Singapore. zvd When the coolies provide the necessary labour for the traders and merchants, which is good as more trading activities took place due to it As more coolies were brought into Singapore, the efficiency and frequency of trade increased. The coolies contributed to Singapore's growth as a trading centre as they helped in the urban city planning of Singapore. When they provided the necessary transport, more traders and merchants were attracted to Singapore as transportation was readily and easily available When the coolies helped to grow those things more traders and merchants were attracted to Singapore. Not only that, there was a increase in trading activities as there were many variety of goods. Thus, the coolies contributed to Singapore's growth as a trading centre. Sometimes they also had to be involved in social vices such as Opium Smoking to relieve their stress.
The coolies were qiute poor as their clothing will be old and tattered. They often wear hats because of the bad The coolies lived in cramped environment and most of them were near Chinatown as the Singapore River was near and was easy for them to go to work. We think that the coolies have contributed much to Singapore's growth and we admire their hardwork and determination. They provided much labour and this increased the efficiency and frequency of trade. However, we sympathise the coolies upon the fact that they had harsh living conditions. They were very poor and did not have the privilege to live in good houses. They did not even have the comfort to live in individual rooms and they had to live all their families in China behind to work. Why did Early immigrants
come to Singapore
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