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The basics of mole counting.

Annie Yow

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry 30 grams of hydrogen gas reacts with oxygen. How many grams of water will form? Don't panic!

2. Balance the formula:
2H + O ----> 2H O 4. Conversions: 2 2 2 use molar mass to determine the moles of hydrogen 2 moles of water from every 2 moles of hydrogen one mole of hydrogen=1.01 grams one mole of water=18.02 grams Algebraically, the g of H, moles of H, and moles of water would cancel eachother out leaving g of water (molar mass) now, you can multiply and divide 2 cups of chocolate are required to make a quarter pound of fudge with pecans. How many pounds of fudge can be made from 7 cups of chocolate? + 2 1/4 lbs gram mole mole gram 1. write out the chemical formula + 2 2 3. Think
-convert mass of reactant to mass of product
-if you have the mass, you can find the moles
-once you have the moles, you can find the mass now solve this:
How many moles of chlorine gas (Cl2) would react with 5 moles of sodium (Na)? remember to think and balance! Answer: 2.5 moles of chlorine gas "Always remember, the heart of stoichiometry is a mole to mole problem" sources: markrosengarten (on youtube) and misterguch's "Fun with Stoichiometry", and enrollement in Mrs. Harrington's chemistry class youtube.com/watch?v=rWCv-ymhpfY .875 pounds of fudge Molar mass is usually the atomic mass of the atom. There are just 6.02 x 10 atoms that turns the atomic mass to grams. 23 by Annie Yao
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