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Chapter 5: Energy Research Project

Your task is to research your assigned energy power source and create a Prezi to present it to class.

Alexandra Nourry

on 17 February 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 5: Energy Research Project

At least three benefits of using your power source. Energy Research Project Our society places great value on technology. Our current technology requires huge amounts of electricity, requiring us to use a wide variety of power sources. Before you begin you need to research your power source. How your assigned power generation technology works. energy.gov You need to make an annotated bibliography like the one for science fair including 5 sources of your choice. Pictures Diagrams Reasons commonly cited for the continued use of the power source. Specific advangtages it has over the other power sources. At least three disadvantages of using your power source. Common criticisms used to discredit the use of your power source. Explain the specific disadvantages in detail. The future of your power source. Detailed understanding Explain the specific advantages in detail. How this energy production may change in the future. If there are any new improvements or likely advances in the efficiency of your power source. Explain why you think that this power source will be used more or less in the future, citing specific reasons. Fossil Fuels Geothermal Power Hydroelectric Power Wind Power Solar Power Nuclear Power In this project you will be presenting to the class one of the major technologies used to produce electrical power. Your PREZI should include the following: environment. national geographic .com/energy lths.lacey
schools.org science
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