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LSA2010criminalogical theories

No description

Jamers Gerhardt

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of LSA2010criminalogical theories

criminological theory made by James Gerhardt Sociological determanism
1st Social learning
2nd labeling
3rd anomie
4th conflict Social learning states that if you have friends or associates involved in any type of crime where there not caught your more likely to commit the same crime because you see that there were no consequences for commit the crime The labeling theory says that if you label people a criminal they eventually start to play the role i guess you could say like if you label someone a theif then there more likely to steal an item then someone who has been labeld as a good kid it also says that no one person is actually a deviant till there labeled as such my understanding of this theory is that evryoneone wants to obtain the american dream but not everyone is well equiped to do so therfore those people whos "path" has been blocked may turn to a life of crime or perform a certain crime as a means of obtaining the american dream like a key essential in the american dream is wealth and maybe someone who works in the tail-end of a business may commit a crime lik eembezzlment to obtain more money my understanding of it is that they higher up in your social class the less crime you comitt because you dont have as many negative influences pushing you toward crime whereas if you grew upp in a bad neighborhood controlled by a gang social factors would push you toward the gang type life as a means of making life easier
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