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Front Office

No description

Rodney Jackson

on 2 February 2017

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Transcript of Front Office

Front Office
Department Meeting
Celebrating 2016 and looking forward to '17!
Welcome to the Team!
Paula Jean Baptiste
Joins us from Disney Magic Kingdom
Bilingual! Speaks Haitian-Kreyol

Brittany Murphy
Wishes she lived in the 60's
Also, wishes she was French
Front Office Rocked it in 2016!
• #1 in Overall Experience (Hotel Record 69.8%)

• #1 Helpfulness of Hotel Staff

• #1 for Efficiency of Arrival

• #2 for Problem Resolution

SALT: January Recap
Overall Experience: 75.3
Overall Service: 76.8

Efficiency of Arrival: 76.7
Helpfulness of Hotel Staff: 82.3

Digital Check In Satisfaction:67.6

TripAdvisor: 22
SALT: What They're Saying:
2016 Leaders

1. Sumaiyah 4,457
2. Chelsey 3,190
3. Stephanie 2,932

2017 Goal is to be #1 Big Box Hotel! We can do it!
Let's Play a Game!

3 Volunteers

Team Votes for WINNER
The NEW Hilton HHonors

Brought to you by your HHONORS CHAMPION:
Chilling with Melissa
January Leaders:

1. Jordan $10,450

2. Sumiayah $9,775

3. Jerome $8,399
Goal: $71,748
Open Discussion!
Resort Charge Allowances
Front Office
Bell Services and Drivers
Customer Focus
How was your stay?
We hope you had a 10 out of 10 experience with us!
What can I do to make it right for you?
Try these options instead:
Service Recovery Vouchers
IRD amenity
Late Check Out!
Comp 1 tier room upgrade
Cabana (always check with rec. for avail)
5,000 HHonors points
How was your day?
& Handling Service Recoveries
How would you rate your overall experience with us?
Let's Practice!
KIPSU Best Practices
Scribble down room numbers when it gets busy and catch up when it slows down

ALWAYS respond before closing

DO NOT let messages go overdue

Schedule follow-ups!

Do not forget to TAG! We don't want guest to miss important information.

1. Ask the guest how their stay was and to share the feedback with us on TripAdvisor.

2. Remember to place the TripAdvisor card in the key packet upon check in.

3. Staple the TripAdvisor card on the receipts upon check out

4. Hand out the TripAdvisor cards at every interactions you have with the guest during their stay

5. Ask the guest to share their experience on Trip Advisor through KIPSU

We appreciate all your hard work and for your efforts you will get:

1 meal token for every mention that you will get on Trip Advisor ,
1 Plinko chip for every 5 mentions during a month on Trip Advisor,
2 Plinko chips for every 10 mentions during a month on Trip Advisor

Who are the winners?

January Team Member of the Month!
1. If guest responds anything below 9, send the “less than 8” quick reply immediately. Do not let the message go over due. Anyone can send the reply, not just PAC and leaders.

2. Place a pineapple on the reservation with the details and include any compensation given to the guest. We will see this when we run the report on PM shift.

3. Agents should write the guest name or room number down on a notepad or email and include ALL 8’s or below in TMOD/PAC pass on – even if they felt they fully resolved the issues. We will review these.

4. Leaders will add to the MOD report and reach out to guest for further follow-up and to ensure their overall experience is 10 out of 10.

5. If a guest does not respond, we need to call the room, call the guests cell phone, schedule text follow ups, until we ensure we resolve the issue.

KIPSU Survey Recovery Process
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to make it right
ear the Guest Out



esolve the guest Issue

hank the guest
HEART model
As a TEAM, you generated $843K in upsell revenue in 2016!
Top three on the PCR Leaderboard for 2016!

1.Yary =$71,054

2. Lovely = $68,295

3. Melissa = $56,180

JANUARY Gift Card Drawing winner for “doubling 2017”... $4034 …WHO WILL IT BE…

GOOD LUCK TO…Jordan, Sumaiyah, Jerome, Gabi, Yary, Austyn, Chloe, Chloe!

$$$ = ?
February Contest
Caught in the Act
The 7k Club

Lunch at Bonnet Creek Outlet with Deana, a Leader, Melissa (FPG) and maybe a “surprise guest”
Certificate of Achievement
Picture on $7K Board w / certificate (currently under construction)
Quarterly drawing for those “joining” the club to win a $25 Gift Card
Recognized in the FPG Monthly Executive Report to Peter, Glen and Leaders  
Personal achievement with a high payout incentive and providing guests a great experience!      

Welcome to the Club
Importance of Conversion
Conversion Goal from PAC will be sent out daily =4% or more (4 out of 100 guests).

This will show you how many arriving guest, we are aiming to upgrade. (Although we want to always exceed) 

EVEN 1% makes a huge impact on your revenue and hotel revenue!!

Avg Audit Score: 86%
Upgrade Revenue: $5,371
Participated in 127 KIPSU convos
Mentioned 3x on SALT and T/A
• Austyn – 2 tokens
• Sumaiyah – 2 tokens
• Chelsey – 1 token
• Jordan – 1 token
• Kierra – 1 token
• Lovely – 1 token
• Paula – 1 token

New Logo
Our four new perks are easy to use and simple to understand:

Points & Money Slider: Starting in late February, members can use our new Points slider to choose nearly any combination of Hilton Honors Points and money – from all Points to all cash, and combinations in between. Points pricing is also becoming more flexible, meaning that when hotel demand and rates are lower, many Points prices will also be lower than before. Also in late February, hotels will no longer be placed into Reward Categories.

Amazon Shop with Points: We've teamed up with Amazon as its first-ever Shop with Points hotel partner. Starting this summer, members can shop on Amazon.com using their Hilton Honors Points with Amazon Shop with Points.

Points Pooling: Beginning in April, members will have the ability to "pool" their Points with up to 10 family members and friends. This means a total of 11 members can share their Points for stays in great locations for family reunions, bachelorette parties or any other event that brings people together.

New Diamond Benefit: Starting in March, current Diamond members who have achieved Diamond status for three years or more with at least 250 nights (paid or award) or 500,000 lifetime Base Points can take advantage of a one-year, one-time extension for any reason – acknowledging that sometimes life puts travel on pause.

Actual : 90,275.40
Joins us on February 9th!
Trainer: Chelsey
Kristina Kassar
Honors Champion for January

Lovely Pierre!
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