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English Literature- The Custody of the Pumpkin Revision guide

No description

Lillian Liu

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of English Literature- The Custody of the Pumpkin Revision guide

Revision Guide The Custody of the Pumpkin Settings How does P.G. Wodehouse's social class background influence the story "The Custody of the Pumpkin"? Background of 1935 Social Classes Dressing Code Mr. Donaldson P.G Wodehouse's upper class family background is his writing material. In the Custody of the Pumpkin, many settings, plots, characters, and themes are related or based on the idea of upper class. In the 1930s, the economy was struck by depression
Although poverty had by no means disappeared by the 1930s, it was much less than ever before. "... its ivied walls, its rolling parks, its gardens, outhouses, and messuages..." Blandings Castle Kensington "... having lunched frugally at the Senior Conservative Club on the thrid day of his visit... "The Senior Conservative Club is a solid and massive building... Characters Lord Emsworth “It also fell on Lord Emsworth himself and on Beach, his faithful bulter.” “… the former with his eye to a powerful telescope…” “… a fluffy-minded and amiable old gentleman with a fondness for new toys” Appearcance Upper Social Class "I am the Earl of Emsworth." Pumpkins are more vital than Freddie "Frederick! Speak! Tell me! Have the cats got at it?" Every ancient family in England has some little gap in its scroll of honor, and ... Lord Emsworth was no exception. Wins first prize for his pumpkins "It brought the simple legend: PUMPKINS. FIRST PRIZE" Hon. Freddie Threepwood “was one of those younger sons who rather invite the jaundiced eye.” “… Lord Emsworth’s second son…” Personality Marries Aggie "... Aggie and I were spliced this morning." Irresponsible "... thrusting the note into his father's hand, tho Hon. Freddie turned and was gone." Shows Respect "' Look here, guv'nor,'" Didn't obedient his father's words "You know you are forbidden to come to London." Agus McAllister “was one of those younger sons who rather invite the jaundiced eye.” Appearances "He was a sturdy man of medium height, with eyebrows that wound have fitted a bigger forehead. "Either you send that girl away or you can go yourself. I meant it!" Useful "Within a week Lord Emsworth was pining for Angus McAllister" Lower Social Class Lord Emsworth's head gardener Saked by Lord A Scottish "... between Scotsman..." "'Gae where?'" Upper Class Upper-middle Class Lower Class (Aggie) Niagara Donaldson "Her people sent their honeymoon at the Falls, she tells me." Family Background "... she's sort of a cousin of Angus McAllister "And can play the saxophone." Rich American girl who marries Freddie Talent "She's American and all that." Dislikes by Lord "... more confident now than ever, told him that his was not she. Marries to Freddie "... Aggie and I were spliced this morning." Father of Aggie Appearances "One was a tall handsome, smooth-faced gentle of authoritative appearance, who, if he had not worn rimless glasses, would have looked like a Roman emperor." Belief "I am a firm believer in President Roosevelt and the New Deal. Occupation "I am Donaldson's Dog-Biscuits." "I have as much as a ten million dollars in the world."
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