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This presentation will introduce Second Life as an engaging learning platform for the American Association of Colleges and State Universities

Steven Hornik

on 6 November 2011

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Transcript of AASCU

AASCU Parlor
Leveraging the virtual world learning platform of Second Life: can it be used to support
Engaging Education
Second Life
is a 3-D virtual world
created by Linden Labs
User Created Content is Key
Second Life has it's own currency
Linden Dollars (L$)traded on
the Lindex exchange $250L to $1
Second Life is not a game (like WoW orEve Online, etc.)
There is no objective or goal to be reached
Instead Second Life is a social environment
allowing individuals, through their avatars to interact with each other and objects via text based or voice based chat.
Instructional Possibilties
How Creative can you be here?
You can be compelling
But what if there were no limitations?
Only your Creativity
They are both Empty
But in SL you can Build
And you can Script
So you can get this
Or this ...
Accounting Education and Second Life
First, lets make accounting engaging*
Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders Equity
Office Hours
Accounting Equation
Practice set Vs. Actual Business
The accounting equation is the system used for keeping track of business transactions. In other words, accounting for them. The equation must always be in balance (its basically algebra). Each transaction will effect at least two accounts. If the account is an Asset and the transaction increases it we debit the account, if it decreases the asset account we credit the account......
*Engaging is not equal to Fun
Usually results in...
So what if we try...
Caption: "The classic problem of desk being more engaging than lecture, elegantly solved. "
Really Engaging Accouonting Wiki
email: shornik@bus.ucf.edu
Really Engaging Accounting Blog
Course Re-design
Creating Powerful Learning Experiences
Research Results
This is cool, interesting, weird...
But is it effective?
I felt that the Second Life objects helped my understanding of the underlying accounting concepts
These are all my avatar
Appearances change easily
Immersive Implications
UEPP Grant Enhancements
Island Purchase
Increase density ratios from 4sqm to 68sqm
Create Virtual Intelligent Avatars for:
Orientation - to Second Life
Orientation - to Accounting Learning Objects
24/7 Accounting Tutors
Eventually interface with mobile devices &
Learning Managment System
twitter: shornik
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