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3_08 Medieval Europe and Japan: Comparative History - Eastern and Western

No description

Teri English

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of 3_08 Medieval Europe and Japan: Comparative History - Eastern and Western

2.08 Comparative
History Part 1 Part 2 The main elements of Japanese
bushido are courage in battle,
loyalty to shogun or daimyo,
kindness, education, and
support the arts. 1)What are the main elements of Japanese bushido? The main elements of
European chivalry are
courage in battle, loyalty to
lord, generosity to feeble,
defend the church, and
champion a lady. 2)What are the main elements of European chivalry? The elements of bushido and chivalry that would
work well for a code of chivalry in today’s world
would be courage in battle because if you don’t have
courage then you will fail in fights because you will be
afraid and over think everything going on in the battle.
Also, education because you use knowledge for
everything you do in the world and without education
you wouldn’t know how to do anything how you’re
supposed to do it. 3)Which of the elements of bushido and chivalry would work well for a code of chivalry in today’s world? Explain. Courage in Battle Kindness Education Defend the Church Loyalty to Lord Courage in Battle was influenced by both European chivalry and Japanese Bushido. Kindness was influenced by Japanese Bushido Education was influenced by Japanese Bushido. Loyalty to Lord was influenced by European Chivalry. Defend the Church was influenced by European Chivalry Today education is important because if you dont have education you wont be able to get a job, hold a conversation, fix things, etc. You would we stupid. Kindness is a big aspect in the world today because you're taught that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. If you have kindness then you will be treated with kindness in return. Courage in battle is a big part of the world today because when you're fighting a battle you want to have total confidence and no fear. The only way you can have this is if you have courage. Loyalty to Lord can be brought into today because in the 14th century loyalty to the lords was big. Today, it teaches us that you should have loyalty to your superiors; parents, teachers, and boss. Defend the Church is important today because if you dont defend your Church you can lose it. If you lose your Church you won't have anywhere to go because there may not be any other churches around that if for your religion. The End Teri English
World History - Mrs.Zalecki
02.08 Medieval Europe and Japan: Comparative History - Eastern and Western.
December 1, 2012
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