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Jeffery Woods was 13 years old when he

No description

Juliet Butler

on 24 May 2014

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Transcript of Jeffery Woods was 13 years old when he

Creepypasta is a bunch of website horror stories. The site is www.CreepypastaWiki.com. It goes from the story of Jeff the Killer to Laughing Jack. Although, you might need to look on the Google for the origin stories of these horror people.
Jeffery Woods was 13 years old when he got burned alive in Bleach. When his mother found him cutting a smile into his face and burning his eye lids off. When his mother told his father to kill him, he killed his parents. His older brother then became Homicidal Liu.
Jeff the Killer (Jeffery Woods)
Benjamin was his original name before his alcoholic father had drowned him. When he was invited to go to lake with his father, he accepted. He had died before he finished Legends Of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Now he haunts the game, looking like a dead link. Hidden as the Elegy Of Emptiness Statue.
BEN Drowned
Eyeless Jack is a man of mystery and terror. When a man witnessed him taking his kidney, he was known for the kidney eating. He is called a kidney eating monster, but no one really knows why he has grey skin. He has no eyes, so the mask is to hide his pitch black eye sockets.
Eyeless Jack
Slenderman is of an unknown species. He is known to not have a face and be about 10+ feet tall. He is usually found wearing a suit, but he is not gentle. He has tentacles that may come out of his back that he shoots across your chest or stomach, killing you.
He is known as the monochrome clown that kills unhappy children. But he was once a rainbow clown sent to a lonely child. But when the child's parents send him to a military school, Jack is left alone for years. Then when he came back, he was completely different, as was Jack. Jack was now monochrome. After watching his owner kill a ton of people, he started to like it. When he got out of the box he was in, he killed the now grown up. But the grown up still looked.... happy.
Laughing Jack
Sally was 8 years old when she died. Being raped by her uncle, she was told not to tell anyone. But when she did, her uncle said she broke a rule and he beat her to death. Sally wasn't found for a long time until a couple was going through the park and found her.
Play With Me:
Sally Williams

Jane the Killer is not that much of a popular story, but she is a popular character. When she helped Jeffery from burning, he had done her a bad thank you. He had killed her parents and burning her alive. When she woke up in the hospital, she had no hair. When she got a message from Jeff, along with a mask, a wig, a dress, a rose and a knife, she wanted to kill Jeff for what he had done to her. So now revenge is what she wants.
Jane the Killer
(Jane Arkensaw)
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