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Grace that is Greater

No description

Stephen Johns

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of Grace that is Greater

Grace that is Greater
Romans 5:15-16
The Economics of
Judgment vs. Grace
One and Many
Judgment is Earned and Seen
Grace is Received and Believed
 Do you live or believe that God is denying you something that would make you happy or fulfilled?

 Do you struggle that God is never pleased enough with what you do or have done?

 Does your worship reflect a heart moved by gratitude for grace or a heart made cold by having ‘earned’ God’s favor?

 Are you quick to fully repent from sin or slow to run from spiritual anemia, idolatry, and selfishness?

The Character of
Judgment vs. Grace
The Character of Judgment
The Character of Grace
 Do you hide your sin so that you look better than you are?

 Are your affections untouched by God’s kind deliverance of you out of the condemnation of your sin?

 Are you more worried about what people will think of you for following Jesus than proclaiming His kind grace toward you?

 Do you think God is being too kind with others?

What of the Heart Warmed by these Truths of Grace?
It makes much of Jesus's love because He alone is the source of their gladness, rejoicing, and joy.
(vs. 10-11)
It's happiness is sourced in God's forgiveness through Christ. (vs. 1)
It is honest before God and others about its condition. (vs. 2)
It is quick to own and run from sin. (vs. 5)
It does not demand intense discipline to run to Christ. (vs. 8-9)
Psalm 32
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