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The Great Blue Hole

By: Casey McHugh

Casey McHugh

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of The Great Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a huge sinkhole located in Belize. It is the biggest Blue Hole in the world. Its exactly 1,000 ft. across and 412 ft. deep. The Blue Hole is known for being called "The bottomless pit".
The Blue Hole was created about 18,000 years ago. It was formed during several episodes of quaternary glaciation when sea levels were very low.
The Blue Hole was founded by a man named Jacques Coustau in 1972.
Black Tip
The Blue Hole is filled with hundreds of fish and sharks. Most frequent sightings of sharks are the Caribbean and Black Tip sharks. The most found fish are angel, parrot, and the butterfly fish. The most rare thing ever found was the deep sea dweller.
Parrot Fish
The Great Blue Hole
The Blue Hole is located off the coast of
Belize City. It lies near the "Light House Reef". The Blue Hole is SO BIG it can be found 60 miles east of Belize.
Sea Plants
The Blue Hole provides an ideal habitat for all the coral to grow and flourish. The Blue Hole has an overabundance of coral.
Several divers loose their lives every year. Hundreds of people will get
nitrogen narcosis
(also known as "The Bends") from going down too deep. (Usally 100 ft. or 30 meters below.)
Deeper Waters
In the deeper waters of the Blue Hole there could possibly be a black tip of a hammer head shark. Another thing that has been reported is called the Blue Hole Monster. It has red eyes, 20 ft. long, semi translucent, and has an ell- like shape.
At 135 ft. deep the Blue Hole temp. is about 76*F with usually no change. Above that is stays 73*F and below. It defently is not like Ohio!
The Blue Hole was formed AGES ago during the ice age. The sea level was as low as 100-200 meters then now.
Well that's it, I hope you all enjoyed my Prezi!!
18,000 years ago
16,000 years ago
14,000 years ago
12,000 years ago
10,000 years ago
8,000 years ago
6,000 years ago
4,000 years ago
2,000 years ago
1,000 years ago
picture from space
412 ft. deep
Page 11. By- Jeryman/Yong
The Blue Hole Sea Animals
The Great Blue Hole
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