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Accident Procedures

No description

Nywel Cheaye

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Accident Procedures

You can be in control of the situation if you keep a calm demeanor.

2. Stop your vehicle.
Turn off the engine, shift into Park, or use the hand break.
Warn oncoming traffic by activating hazard warning lights.

3. Check on others Involved
Make sure passengers, drivers, & pedestrians are safe.
4. Call the Police
Cooperate fully, without admitting fault or blaming others
Let police judge events & determine who is at fault

5. Gather Information
Driver and passenger names
License plate #s
Insurance info
Makes & models of all vehicles involved
Contact info of eyewitnesses
Location of accident
Name & badge # of any responding police officers
6. Document the Scene
Capture photos of the scene
Beneficial during claim process

7. File Insurance Claim
Contact Insurance Company at the Scene


Accident Procedures in 7 Easy Steps
*BONUS* - Before an Accident
Pack Safety Kit
Keep important documents ready
Always have a charged phone
Keep loose items in glove box
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