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City and County of Denver 1.0

Version 1.0

Michaela Turner

on 16 August 2011

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Transcript of City and County of Denver 1.0

Stapleton Taxi Redevelopment Reinvesting in the Mile High City Denver is using its portion of federal stimulus dollars to fund key services and amenities that support Denver's business community, neighborhoods and residents. Central Park Boulevard
Interchange Taxi Redevelopment Video of Mayor Vidal Unlike traditional design-bid-build approaches, design-build projects progress under one unified flow of work from design to completion

The design-build approach enabled the city and project team to fully spend recovery dollars before the federally mandated deadline The new interchange will connect the master-planned Stapleton community north and south of Interstate 70. The location and cutting-edge design of the interchange have city project managers coining the bridge the “Gateway to Denver.” Industrial brownfield site of Denver’s old Yellow Cab Co. headquarters redeveloped into a successful mixed-use development Completed renovations include 130,000-square-feet of office, commercial space and 43 residences Community Development Block Grant helping fund next phase: Project  FREIGHT In 2000, the Stapleton neighborhood and Northfield shopping area replaced the development where the old Stapleton Airfield was located prior to Denver International Airport. Design-Build Project Last Updated: July 12, 2011 DRAFT Michaela Turner, Mayor's Office
Laura Kane, BMO
Stephanie Adams, BMO
Jeff Romine, OED
Katherine O'Connor, OED Home to more than 60 creative and technology-based companies Upon completion, the TAXI campus will include more than 800,000-square-feet of space for small businesses and housing Open Air Academy early childhood development center renovation and re-use of an existing 30,000-square-foot former trucking terminal on the TAXI site Mayor Bill Vidal Adam Smith
Alpha Data Kyle Zeppelin Andra Zeppelin
Open Air Academy Zeppelin Development Inc.
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