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Nowhere to Call Home- Nick Bolettieri

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to Call Home- Nick Bolettieri

Chapter 1
In chapter 1 Frankie awakes to a gunshot and she later finds out he dad had killed himself. He did this because he lost all of his money.
Chapter 2-3
In chapter 2 she finds out she has to move to Chicago to live with her Aunt. She must take only her clothes and needed items. In chapter 3 Frankie wants to be a hobo and talks to JUnius about it.
Chapter 4-5
In chapter 4 Frankie decides not to go to Chicago she ends up going to the rails. In chapter 5 she runs away and leaves.
Chapter 8-10
Stewpot and Frankie arrive in Pittsburgh and go to a jungle. They meet some new people. In these chapters Frankie gets jealous when Stewpot has feelings for another girl.
Chapter 11-13
They are still in the jungle and when they wake up some of the others are gone and Frankie can't find her bag. Later they find it a ways from where she left it and she gets really upset. While she is upset Stewpot is confused about why she is so upset and why she is so furious.
Chapter 6-7
In chapters 6-7 she cuts her hair and buys boy clothes so she can ride the rails. She meets another hobo that goes by Sewpot and they are railroad buddies
Nowhere to Call Home- Nick Bolettieri
Chapter 14-16
They have hopped a freight and the car they're on is full of oranges. On the train Stewpot pulls out a cigar that has carvings in it. You find out he is a widdler and he teaches Frankie.
Chapter 17-22
In the beginning of these chapters they are in Cincinnati traveling to Montana. They get arrested for hoping the freights among other hobo's. After they are released they ride to St. Louis and go to a flophouse or a mission. After this they ride to Montana and Stew is getting really sick.
Chapters 22-26
Stew dies and Frankie is upset. Her and the hobo Jack she met bury Stew. Then Frankie heads to her Aunt's house.
Chapter 11-13
Frankie and Stew pot leave the jungle and plan on going to Montana. Frankie's stuff is taken and she is really mad. Before they leave town they go out for food and Stew finds out Frankie has $58 which is a lot back then. They buy her a knife then leave.
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