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Charleston County School District's Teacher Forum

No description

Jaime Cunningham

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Charleston County School District's Teacher Forum

Charleston County School District's Teacher Forum
Meet the Members!
Anita Huggins, Director of Office of Teacher Effectiveness, District Liason
Lisa Trott, Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary, 2013-2014 CCSD Teacher of the Year, Forum Chair
Jaime Cunningham, Liberty Hill Academy, 2014-2015 CCSD Teacher of the Year, Forum Vice-Chair
Angie Grimes, Morningside Middle School
Kirk Lindgren, Charleston County School of the Arts
Melissa Yarborough, St. Andrews School of Math and Science
Emma Armstrong, Springfield Elementary
Charles Atkins, Sanders Clyde Elementary
Kimberly Brown, Lincoln Middle/High School
Misty Leclerc, Wando High School
Our Mission
The purpose of the Teacher Forum is to foster teacher leadership and the relationship between teachers and the Superintendent. The Teacher Forum strives to ensure that the Superintendent's Teacher Roundtable provides Teachers of the Year with opportunities for professional learning, recognition, and dialogue with district-wide issues.
Teacher Roundtable
Meets monthly with the Acting Superintendent to develop a shared understanding of CCSD’s current challenges and opportunities and to participate in opportunities for professional learning and dialogue.
Provides information and updates to school faculties following each Superintendent’s Teacher Roundtable meeting.
Solicits input from colleagues to inform the Superintendent of the experiences of CCSD teachers.
Seeks topics, concerns, and recommendations to contribute to the Teacher Forum’s agenda-setting for the Superintendent’s Teacher Roundtable.
Participates in the annual selection of CCSD’s 5 Teacher of the Year finalists.
Plans to facilitate strategic committees throughout the year to provide feedback to district leaders.
State Teacher Forum
CCSD's Teacher of the Year participates in the statewide Teacher Forum. The purpose of this Forum is to:
participate in discussions on national, state, and local educational issues
dialogue with key leaders and policy makers about educational issues
give recognition to state and district teachers of the year
develop teacher leadership
provide teachers a voice in educational issues
impact the professional development of all teachers

Teacher Evaluation
Educational Technology
Collaboration & Outreach
Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
Political Advocacy
Recruitment, Retention, & Recognition
Our Vision
Teachers will become an integral part of decision and policy making.
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