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An_Gar_Stel Productions Presents...Ceremonies

No description

Felicity Bliss

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of An_Gar_Stel Productions Presents...Ceremonies

Happy Birthday to...Stella? Well, it is a party! But a CEREMONY? But what IS a ceremony? Question:
Is a birthday a ceremony? Let's vote: Yes=13, No=3, Think So...=1 How about festivals, are they ceremonies? What are some ceremonies in society?
How about religious ones? Why are ceremonies important? Don't Know= Jason, Hon Wai, Denise, Iethan (even though he denies this), Phoebe Don't Ask Me!=Trent Our Answer? A ceremony is important because it celebrates/marks important events But the dictionary's answer? "a formal event performed on a special occasion" But are birthdays and festivals still ceremonies? The vote said YES! Let's see...Hm...Thesaurus? Well it says that ceremonies are like anniversaries... And that anniversaries are like birthays and EVEN festivals! So what do we do now? Well, what are some ceremonies in "The Giver"? The Ceremony of the Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours...until the Twelves, Matching of the Spouses, the Ceremony of Loss and lastly Release (which to children can't attend) Are their Ceremonies like ours, how? Trent, or anyone else, have an answer? Well most of their Ceremonies are for the coming of age... Let's widen our scope to birthdays and festivals, Well, a sweet 16 is one, and "the birthday of the 10's" since they become doulbe digits Or when you get married, or even the CHING MING FESTIVAL, which is actually a Chinese ceremony So now, we can finally say that ceremonies could be held AT birthdays and festivals Like Justin Bieber's Ceremony at his 17th birthday So they techinally aren't ceremonies, but the birthdays of "The Giver" are... Doesn't that raise another question? Won't ceremonies differ from culture to culture? We'll show that next time on An_Gar_Stel Productions! Well that was An_Gar_Stel Productions presenting... CEREMONIES, But really, IS it Stella's Birthday? Maybe not... Haha! Garfield Annie
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